External Incontinence Devices

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External Incontinence Devices External incontinence Devices are products (or appliances). These are worn on the outside of the body. They protect the skin from constant leakage of stool or urine. Certain medical conditions can cause people to lose control of … Read More

Quiet Epidemic of Senior Drug Abuse

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Quiet Epidemic of Senior Drug Abuse The Quiet Epidemic of Senior Drug Abuse: The elderly may be the last population you’d imagine would have issues with drugs and alcohol. Think again!!!! http://www.aplaceformom.com/blog New data shows the number of seniors with drug … Read More

International Incontinence Day March 14. The Silent Epidemic

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International Incontinence Day March 14. The Silent Epidemic International Incontinence Day Marcha 14. Urinary incontinence: another silent epidemic? This Saturday, March 14, International Urinary Incontinence Day is celebrated. A syndrome characterized by a loss of bladder control that, whether as … Read More

Dressing Equipment

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Dressing Equipment Dressing Equipment…Choosing. Dressing aids are relatively simple to use and can assist with a variety of dressing tasks. Dressing Aids: Dressing in general becomes an easy task with these handy dressing aids from ORTOHISPANIA.. Articles of clothing can … Read More

Daily Living Aids

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Daily Living Aids Daily Living Aids. Routine tasks don’t have to be annoying, painful, time-consuming, or risky. Daily living aids can help. Many products make everyday routines like dressing and bathing easier to take for granted, leaving more time and … Read More

ALZHEIMER World Alzheimer’s Day

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ALZHEIMER World Alzheimer’s Day ALZHEIMER World Alzheimer’s Day. Unite against dementia on World Alzheimer’s Day. https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-involved/world-alzheimers-day   What is World Alzheimer’s Day?   Every year World Alzheimer’s Day takes place on 21 September. And is the focus of World Alzheimer’s … Read More

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