External Incontinence Devices

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External Incontinence Devices

External incontinence Devices are products (or appliances). These are worn on the outside of the body. They protect the skin from constant leakage of stool or urine.

Certain medical conditions can cause people to lose control of their bowel or bladder.

There are several products available. The features of these different products are listed below.



There are many types of products for managing long-term diarrhea or fecal incontinence. These devices have a drainable pouch attached to an adhesive wafer. This wafer has a hole cut through the center that fits over the anal opening (rectum).

If put on properly, a fecal incontinence device may stay in place for 24 hours. It is important to remove the pouch if any stool has leaked. Liquid stool can irritate the skin.

Always clean the skin and apply a new pouch if any leakage has occurred.

The device should be applied to clean, dry skin:

Your health care provider may prescribe a protective skin barrier. This barrier is usually a paste. You apply the barrier to the skin before attaching the device. You can put the paste in the skin folds of the buttocks to prevent liquid stool from leaking through this area.
Spread the buttocks apart, exposing the rectum, and apply the wafer and pouch. It may help to have someone help you. The device should cover the skin with no gaps or creases.
You may need to trim the hair around the rectum to help the wafer stick better to the skin.
An enterostomal therapy nurse or skin care nurse can provide you with a list of products that are available in your area.



Urine collection devices are mainly used by men with urinary incontinence. Women are generally treated with medicines and disposable garments.

The systems for men most often consist of a pouch or condom-like device.

This device is securely placed around the penis. This is often called a condom catheter.

A drainage tube is attached at the tip of the device to remove urine. The drainage tube empties into a storage bag, which can be emptied directly into the toilet.

Condom catheters are most effective when applied to a clean, dry penis. You may need to trim the hair around the pubic area so the device attaches better.

You must change the device at least every other day to protect the skin and prevent urinary tract infections. Make sure the condom device fits snugly, but not too tightly. Skin damage may occur if it is too tight.


Female Incontinence Devices


There are three main categories of Female Devices.

External urethral devices:

Products that are applied over the urethra at the opening

These devices are intended to work by using adhesive or mild suction to stop urine leaking from the urethra. Although they can work well for some women, they are only suitable for use with women who are keen to use them and have good use of their hands.

There have been a number of research studies to see how well external urethral devices work 12345[678

However, none of these devices are currently available on the market. Although new products become available from time to time, they have never gained widespread popularity.

Internal urethral devices:

Products that are placed inside the urethra

Internal urethral devices are small devices inserted into the urethra to temporarily block the passage of urine. They are not widely used although some women find them useful.

Internal urethral devices can be hazardous if used incorrectly

Internal vaginal devices:

Products that are inserted into the vagina

Internal vaginal devices are placed inside the vagina to support the bladder neck thereby reducing/preventing stress urinary incontinence.

Internal vaginal devices are also referred to as ‘intravaginal devices’. This term is used to describe a variety of devices which are designed to support the bladder neck to improve stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

Some devices are also thought to compress the urethra which also helps to reduce SUI.

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