folding wooden shower seat
Folding Wooden Shower Seat, An Elegant Look With Functionality, Ref: EA207M

Folding Wooden Shower Seat Folding wooden shower seat; Wooden slats, supplied with screws. Seat made of wood and stainless steel. Its noble materials make this seat a design piece for your shower. It is firmly attached to the wall with … Read More

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swivel seat
Swivel Seat ARUBA – Adapting to individual needs | Bs1009 SUPREME QUALITY

🛀 Ergonomic seat and backrest.

✓ Bathroom series adapted to individual needs.

✓ It is available in a soft blue tone.

✓  With its design ensures that the user can have a comfortable bath.



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Shower Stool
Shower Stool, Base in U, Facilitates Hygiene, Ref. L2194

Shower Stool, Base in U: Asister offers different banks to the time of toilet and shower more secure and comfortable.


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Folding Shower Seat
Folding Shower Seat for the Wall, Legless, is the Simplest, Practical and Comfortable Solution, Ref. L2189

Folding Seat Shower Wall Legless: Plastic seat with drainage concave shape and integrated hand grips greater sense of security.


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Aluminium Bathtub Seat
Aluminium Bathtub Seat, Weight Max. 135 kg, Provides you With Your Daily Grooming Safety, Ref. L2296

Bathtub Seat For Aluminum. For people who do not want to change the bath, for fear of uncomfortable work at home, and need security, confidence and Stability aspects at bathtime.


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Bath Shower Stool 2
Bath Shower Stool. Foam from EVA, Soft Seat, With Side Handles, Ref. L2291

Sidewalks Bath. Made of aluminum corrosion. Seat with smooth surface for comfort. Height adjustable Size: 39 x 39 x 36-46 cm.


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Benches Bath Shower
Benches Bath Shower from Eva, Bath Bench with Padded Backrest, Especially Robust, Ref. L2290

Benches Bath / Shower EVA Foam. Its height can be adjusted to suit the needs of each user. Seat and back with soft surface for comfort.


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Corner Shower Stool
Corner Shower Stool – Takes up less space | L2293

Stool designed to fit the corners of the shower, also can be used in bath.


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Transfer Table with Swivel Seat
Transfer Table with Swivel Seat, Provides Optimum Support and Convenience, Ref. L2182

[Transfer Table with Swivel Seat: Transfer table bathroom with swivel seat and slip handhold which increases safety.

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Bath Bench
Bath Bench FRESH de ETAC, Short Model, Facilitates Entry to Bath, Ref. Ad559

Hot Table: FRESH bathtub table developed by the Swedish firm ETAC  with the most current criteria in terms of ergonomics and functionality without forgetting safety in the bathroom.


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shower stool
Shower Stool MILANO – Very Stable and Secure | Ad540

Bathroom stool MILANO  height adjustable and removable without tools.


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Chairs, Benches, Stools for Shower and Bathtub
Chairs, Benches, Stools for the Shower and Bathtub are the solutions use of orthopedic products very practical and comfortable for spaces which require safety measures…baths and showers.

By being able to sit,  the elderly or disabled people can reach any part of their body without losing stability, staying completely safe all the time and also makes the user and caretaker feel more comfortable.