Salvacamas Desechables SERENITY CLASSIC
Disposable Bedspread SERENITY CLASSIC – Model Plus/Box– 60×90 cm. | iD34103350140Caja

Disposable Bedspread SERENITY CLASSIC – Model Plus/Box Disposable Bedspread SERENITY CLASSIC – Model Plus/Box– 60×90 cm. Disposable Underpads that offer maximum protection for beds and chairs PACKAGING: 30 Units/1 Bag…4 bags/1 Box SERENITY CLASSIC – Disposable Bedsread – is a … Read More

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Empapadores Desechables SERENITY CLASSIC PLUS
Disposable Bed Pad SERENITY CLASSIC Model Plus/Bag 60×90 – Pack of 30 | iD34103350140bolsa

PACKAGING: Model PLUS 30 unidades/1 bag

▷ The diamond-structured distribution of pulp maximises the diffusion of liquid.

▷ Protective bed and sheet pads for light or stress incontinence.

▷ This protection sheet is very soft for the skin.

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Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads – Model Super/Bag | iD5801960300b

▷ PROTECTION: Protects beds and keeps the skin away from moisture, reducing the risk of dermatitis and ulcerations.
▷ COMFORT: Reduces body pressure avoiding the formation of ulcers, thanks to its padding.
▷ FUNCTIONALITY: Protects the bedridden or wheelchair patient, covering any need for protection.

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Empapador Desechable SERENITY
Disposable Bed Pads for Incontinence SERENITY CLASSIC – Model Super/Box | iD5800960300

Disposable Bed Pads SERENITY CLASSIC Modelo SUPER/Box Disposable Bed Pads for Incontinence SERENITY CLASSIC Do you feel you need that extra layer of protection on your bed or chair? ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ The iD Expert Protect is just … Read More

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iD Intime Pants NORMAL
iD Intime Pants NORMAL – Pants for Female Incontinence | iD5551255120-N

✓ iD Intime Normal is intended for women with moderate loss of urine throughout the day and in need of a safe solution.

✓ It is very discreet and is worn like normal underwear.

✓ This product has an extra absorption and provides comfort and discretion.

✓ Due to the design and feel of underwear, iD Intime is an invisible solution that guarantees maximum protection.


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Pants iD Intime
Pants iD Intime PLUS – Looks and feels like regular feminine underwear | iD5551265120-M

Extra absorbent underwear for women that provides total confidence without compromising femininity.

  • Odor control technology
  • Double anti-leak barriers
  • Absorbs at least 8 times its own weight
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Pany para Incontinence iD Intime
Incontinence Panty iD Intime SUPER – Go about your day feeling discreetly protected | iD5551275120-M

✓ Its ease of use makes it especially suitable for bladder rehabilitation.

✓ Having the appearance of ordinary underwear, it allows you to continue leading an active life and remain independent.

✓Thanks to its perfect fit, the iD Pants SUPER also offers maximum safety to restless or disoriented users.

✓The bragas para incontinencia are very easy to use, they can be put on and taken off like normal underwear.

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Fixation Pants FIX for Incontinence
Fixation Pants FIX for Incontinence – iD Expert COMFORT SUPER – A secure and comfrotable fit | iD5410200250-03M

✓ Designed to effectively and comfortably hold our absorbents. 

✓ For women and men.

✓ These fastening trousers allow better retention of the absorbent protection.

✓ Provides more safety against slipping and offers better freedom of movement for the user.

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iD Light Compreses MINI PLUS
iD Light Compresses MINI PLUS – Maximum discretion and security | iD5171025161

💧 iD Light Mini Plus are fine compresses that help absorb small urine losses.

✓ Thanks to its anatomical and practical design, you will not even notice that you are wearing them.

✓ In addition, it calms skin irritations thanks to its main active ingredient – Chamomile.

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Incontinence Insert Pads
Incontinence Insert Pads iD Light NORMAL – Allows effective fastening to the underwear | iD5171030121-03

💧 Contains chamomile, which thanks to its soothing properties helps prevent skin irritations

✓ Individually packaged pads designed for small urine losses caused by bladder weakness.

✓ Stand out for their discretion, anatomical fit, comfort and super absorption.

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Incontinence Insert Pads iD Light EXTRA
Incontinence Insert Pads iD Light EXTRA – Freedom of movement and guarantee femininity | iD5171040101-03

💧 Total freedom of movement and guarantee femininity.

✓ Individually packaged compresses designed for the small losses of urine.

✓ Due to its new shape, this product range provides a maximum discretion and security thanks to its anatomical fit

✓ Designed for moderate incontinence ID Light protection extra provides full protection.

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iD Light Incontinence Insert Pads MAXI
iD Light Incontinence Insert Pads MAXI – Extremely flexible and efficient | iD5171055101-03

💧 Thanks to its anatomical shape, adhesive strip and foam elastics maximum discretion and security is acheived.

✓ Incontinence insert pads are designed to blend into your body so you can forget you are wearing them.

✓ Includes odor neutralization technology and chamomile infusion to protect skin.

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Incontinence Pads for Men
Incontinence Pads for Men – Specific adapted design – Individual bag | iD5221035100-1+

✔ For Men, due to its excellent design, achieves freedom of movement and maximum absorption.

✔ In addition, it neutralizes bad odors, providing freshness.

✔ Don’t worry about your urine leaks anymore. With Compresas For Men Levels 1+, 2 and 3, you will not notice any more losses.

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Lille SUPREM FORM Anatomic Diapers for Adults – UNISEX | iDLSFM5121BR-06

✓ Multi-layer core with absorbent pulp and SAP powder.

✓ Very fast absorption to keep skin dry.

✓ Effective anti-leak barriers, providing an anatomical shape to change.

✓ Soft and fluffy canopy sail for a very comfortable feeling.

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Disposable Incontinence Products

Disposable Incontinence Products. You will find our full range of disposable products here, from insert pads to pull up pants.

ORTOHISPANIA offers a vast assortment of disposable pads suitable to all types and levels of incontinence.

With a large range of absorbencies and sizes available, the disposable incontinencia products offer both comfort and discretion.

Productos para Incontinencia

Our incontinence aids are latex-free and dermatologically tested, thereby minimising skin irritations, and providing users and carers with an efficient range of solutions to continence management.

Disposable incontinence products are items such as bed pads, discreet shaped pads, large shaped pads, adult nappies & pull up pants.

They Provide Convenience

Whenever you finish with a product, you can simply throw it away.

This prevents the need to constantly wash products and keep a track on which products are clean.

Many people with a busy lifestyle find this method to be more convenient.

You Need to Consider Hygienic Disposal

Remember that disposable products are worse for the environment, and you shouldn’t make this worse through incorrect disposal.

You should not dispose pads in flushable toilets or use public trash cans with the incorrect method. Investing in disposable bags and cleansing and hygiene products is vital.

They are Often More Absorbent

All in ones, pads and disposable pants are often more absorbent than a washable product.

This means you can wear them for longer periods of time and can feel more confident and relaxed knowing you have optimum protection.

Pads are Convenient to Carry Around

Disposable incontinence pads are small and can be carried around in pockets and bags.

Particularly when travelling, this can be much easier and ultimately takes up less storage space.

Bladder weakness can deeply affect anybody at any point in their life.

It could be losing some drops during pregnancy, leakage caused by surgery or a problem linked to ageing.

As a result, you might feel that your daily activities are limited, when even simple activities such as going for a walk, shopping, exercising or socializing may seem difficult to manage, leaving you with a feeling of embarrassment or frustration resulting in the use of incontinence products.

Our product range of disposable incontinence products in ORTOHISPANIA has been designed to help you to remain confident, and continue your usual activities with a feeling of protection and security.