Exercise Band Resistance Packs
Exercise Band Resistance Packs NCM, Light and Heavy Resistance at Three Different Levels, Ref. AbNC91229

Exercise Band Resistance Packs with bands of three different levels, it includes instructions and tips, band of 1.8 m in length.


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Door Exercise Pulley
Door Exercise Pulley, Extended Meta Bracket, High QualityProduct, Installed Over the Door, Ref. AbPR15057

Over the Door Exercise Pulleyit helps the upper body muscles to recover after a stroke, is placed between the door and frame.


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pedalier EXERCISER
Pedalier EXERCISER, Economical and Compact Home Exerciser, Ref. Ab PR15341

Pedalier EXERCISER. Economical and Compact Home Exerciser. This pedalierbracket recovers muscle strength, circulation and coordination of the lower limbs.

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