Portable Urinal For Men or Women
Portable Urinal For Men or Women. Spill-proof safety system. ObAF95006

HYGIENE & COMFORT … for the dependent person. Urine bottle – UROLIS. Leak-proof.


Due to the special shape, the bottle can be left in bed if necessary.



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Male Urinal
Male Urinal with Lid SABOT – Hygienic – Convenient | Cor905008

For use in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and at home.

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Bidet With Plug Portable – Useful for the intimate toiletry | Ea213

✓ Adaptable to Most Toilets

✓ The portable bidet is a technical aid product for washing the private parts.

✓ It incorporates plug, making it easy to fill and empty water.

✓ Portable

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wedge potty
Wedge Potty, Comfortable Usage for its Design, Ref. Cor905002

Wedge potty, potty fantastic shaped wedge is used daily by institutions and health centers because of its high strength.Potty wedge for bed.


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Female Urinal
Female Urinal – Sitting, Standing or Lying | AdH7248

✓ Designed female urinal to be able to use sitting, standing or lying.

✓ With handle and externally calibrated to record capacity.


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Female Portable Urinal
Female Portable Urinal URIFEM, You Can Use Both Sitting And Standing, Ref. AdH7251

The urinal is shaped to prevent leakages and a drip cup prevents spillages. It is designed for independent use.


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Portable Male Urinal
Portable Male Urinal URIBAG, You Can Carry it Even in Your Pocket, Ref. AdH7250

The UriBag male urinal is compact, portable and reusable. It’s ideal for men who are bed-ridden, who uses a wheelchair or who regularly travel long distances. UriBag is discreet and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.


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Urinal for Men
Urinal for Men – Use in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and home | Ea433/A

Anatomical shape, mouth specially designed to prevent damage to the user.

Base flat and very stable.


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Disposable Urinal
Disposable Urinal TravelJohn – Unisex, sanitary, personal urinals | AbPR52160

⭐ Unisex adapter makes it easy for anyone and everyone to use while sitting (providing there is the use of gravity with an unobstructed, free-flowing opening or standing, and a spill guard to prevents back flow during use.


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Urinals y Bidets
Urinals and Bidets; Urinary incontinence is a problem of great incidence in the elderly population.

15% of people over 75 are affected.

It is more frequent among women in a ratio of two to one compared to men.

Incontinence Statistics – An Overview

When the individual can not reach the toilet, urinals and bidets can be used: hand pots, wedges or portable toilets or even disposable bag systems.

Sometimes these systems are uncomfortable and produce bad smells, so cleaning should be maximum.

The potted bidet is very useful for intimate cleaning.