pressure ulcer boot
Pressure Ulcer Boot, PAIR, With Velcro Closing, Pressure Ulcer Product, Suapel Sanitized, Código UbO-107206

Coloured Boot, PAIR, With Velcro Closing Coloured Boot, Pressure Ulcer Product. Made in suapel sanitized * Colours: Blue and grey SIZES: 36-39, 40-43, 44-47   EFECTS AND ADVANTAGES: Anti bedsores Odour-resistant Anti allergic COMPOSITION: Suapel – 60% polyester, 40% acrylic … Read More

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heel protector
Heel Protector, Reduces the Risk of Bedsores, Suapel With Sanitized Treatment, Ref. VeAD79B

▷ Boot prevents the foot contact the bed and thereby prevent bedsores.

▷ Heel protector adaptable to all sizes.

▷ They are totally washable and breathable.


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closed finger control mitts
Closed Finger Control Mitts Protector, PAR, Not Allergic, Breathable, Ref. UgATV-01

Inner polyester fiber wadding linked and silicone, which prevents bunching or displacement thereof.

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pressure ulcer socks
Pressure Ulcer Socks, PAIR, One Size Fits All, Made of Acrylic Fabric, To Lessen The Risk of Bedsores, Ref. Ve00AD80

Sock designed to reduce the risk of bedsores in heels and elbows in bedridden patients.

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elbow protector
Elbow Protector, Sewen With High Strength Thread, Ref. UgATV-011

Elbow Protector, outer fabric in 100% cotton 1st quality, not allergic, breathable.

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Standard Patuco Sauvinet
Standard Patuco Sauvinet, Single Item, Adaptable to all Sizes, Nice Touch with Velcro Closure, Made in Suapel Sanitized,Ref. UBO-104200

Standard Patuco Sauvinet, Single Item Standard Patuco Sauvinet: In an immobilized patient it is essential to take a series of measures to prevent the occurrence of ulcers. Postural changes are important, but there are other ways of prevention. Currently on … Read More

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Pressure Ulcer Heel Protector
Pressure Ulcer Protector Heel And Elbow. Indicated in Cases of Prolonged Immobilization. Ref. L3001

Adaptable to all sizes with its closed velcro safety heel area.

Indicated in cases of prolonged immobilization.

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natural heel protectors
Natural Heel Protectors PAIR, For People Bedridden For Long Periods, Excellent Prevention Product, Ref. AdRC011

Natural Heel Protectors PAIR Natural Heel Protectors PAIR.For People Bedridden For Long Periods, Excellent Prevention…indicated for the prevention of bedsores. They are especially recommended for bedridden for long periods.   Indicated for the prevention of bedsores. They are especially recommended … Read More

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Ulcer Aids; Sheets, Boots, Socks and Heel Protectors

Ulcer Aids: Pressure ulcers are areas of injured skin that remain in the same position for too long. Continuing education for pressure ulcer prevention: Taking the pressure off!

They commonly form where the bones are closer to the skin, such as the ankles, heels and hips.

The risk is greater if you are confined in a bed, you use a wheelchair or you can not change positions.

Pressure ulcers can cause serious infections, some of which can be life-threatening.

They can be a problem for people in specialized care centers.

This is one of the most common health problems we face in our daily work.