fold away grab rail
Fold Away Grab Bar From ATLANTIS, Comfortable and Very Safe, Ref. AbPR70050

Fold Away Grab Bar From ATLANTIS Fold Away Grab Bar from Atlantis; Epoxy coated tubular steel rails in trombone shape. The base plate has four mounting points to secure it to the wall. This excelent soport product for the elderly … Read More

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grab bar
Grab Bar With Toilet Paper Holder, Ability to Incorporate a Paper Roll, Ref. L2178

The main goal of Ortohispania is to meet the needs of its consumers, ensuring that their products have a long duration and employing the finest materials and highest quality.

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Stainless Steel Grab Bar
Stainless Steel Grab Bar, Instalation-4 Screws, Ideal for Place in Bath, Ref. Ad506AI

Double folding stainless steel bar. It is collapsible and when out of use, is fixed upright.


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Suction Bathroom Grab Bar
Suction Bathroom Grab Bar, No Need of Installation, Length 50 cm, Ref. L2199050

Suction Bathroom Grab Bar, Easy mounting in any angle detector includes a suction and security control.It is preferable to use the shower to the tub.


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Double Folding Bar
Double Folding Bar LUX, 76 cm. Preferred Bar for Institutions, Ref. Ad506LUX

Double Bar Abatible Lux: double casement bar, driven by an internal spring that moves up and down at will, is the favorite bar in the highest institutions of Europe.


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Fluted Grab Handles
Fluted Grab Handles – Available in 4 sizes – Made of plastic | Ad566

Knurled hand grips, its design prevents rotation on themselves, comfortable and secure grip for slotted.


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grab bar
Grab Bar For Bathtub. Makes Getting In and Out of the Bath Easier. Makes Standing Easy.Ref. L2180

The grab bar is easily placed on the edge of the tub without tools.

Facilitates inputs and outputs, stainless and anti-skid design.



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folding bar
Folding Bar Optima, Ergonomic Design ETAC, 4 Screws, Ref. Ad503d

Abatible Bar Optima: bar swing leg, the design is ergonomic and fits the wall 4 screws for safety.


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Grab Bars, Rails, Handles and Grips
Grab Bars, Rails, Handles and Grips: We take into account the safety of falls and that bars and handles are a basic technical help tool to get a safe environment.

They should be on hand when needed and not be an obstacle when not needed.

Remember that the bathroom has a humid environment and for that we recommend bars and handles that can not be oxidized.