replacement cartridge
Replacement Cartridge SANGENIC EasySeal – Antibacterial Treatment | Ug854338

✓ Cartridge contains scented antibacterial treatment bags.

✓ Contains approximately 75 to 100 diapers depending on size (22.5 m of film/bag)

✓  Most noteworthy; scented film drastically reduces odors.


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standard container for diapers
Standard Container for Diapers EasySeal SANGENIC, Diapers Odor-Free, Ref. Ug85336

Standard EasySeal SANGENIC: discreet, hygienic and easy to use container, Easiseal TM is a container collection system diapers and sanitary waste.


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Hygiene: As your loved one gets older, you may find that they no longer adhere to the personal hygiene routines they stuck to for years, if not decades.


You know how much better you feel after bathing and donning a fresh set of clothes, but many resistant seniors are fixated on the process itself rather than the end result, turning these once-simple tasks into an ongoing battle.

Coping with their disheveled appearance and body odor can be incredibly frustrating and embarrassing since you strive to provide them with the best possible care, but nothing you say or do can get them to shower, change, shave or brush their teeth.

At this point, it is necessary to step back, take a deep breath and take a look at the bigger picture in order to find a solution.

Personal hygiene is the basic concept of cleanliness and care of the human body.

Hygiene is the set of knowledge and techniques.