Empapadores Desechables SERENITY CLASSIC PLUS
Disposable Bed Pad SERENITY CLASSIC Model Plus/Bag 60×90 – Pack of 30 | iD34103350140bolsa

PACKAGING: Model PLUS 30 unidades/1 bag

▷ The diamond-structured distribution of pulp maximises the diffusion of liquid.

▷ Protective bed and sheet pads for light or stress incontinence.

▷ This protection sheet is very soft for the skin.

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Reusable Bed Pads
Reusable Bed Pads With Wings – 5 layers – Super absorbent bed pad soakers | Ea440D/135-90

✓ 5 Layers. Line of super absorbent soakers.

✓ DRY washable pads designed to protect the mattress and prevent incontinence patients from smudging it.

✓ Reusable and washable.

✓ Anti-Mites and Anti-Bacteria.

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bed pad
Bed Pad With Wings – 90 x 202 cm – Provides comfort, dryness and a lasting barrier | ObAF20205

✔ Quality material, designed to provide comfort, dryness and a lasting barrier.

✔ This Washable Standard Bed Pad is a nighttime incontinence aid.

✔ Allows washing WITHOUT BLEACH. Reusable 120 times minimum.

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bed pad
Bed Pad For Incontinence. Size: 83 x 89 cm. Soaker with high absorption power. Ref. ObAF20200

The surface is padded.

The high absorption power of the intermediate layer provides safety and comfort to the patient.

Keeps the user dry while lying on the crossbar.

The lower layer is impermeable. Reusable 250 times approx.

Measures of 83 x 89 cm.

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bed pad
Bed Pad With Wings. PVC. 5 layers. Size: 90cm x 85cm. Reusable and washable. Ref. Ea440D/90ECO

Reusable and washable bed protection. Pre-wash soft before use.

Anti-çacaros and anti-bacteria.

Absorbers indicated to protect the mattress and the wheelchair.

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Washable Bed Pad Bed Protection with or without wings.
Washable Bed Pad Bed Protection with or without wings. Size: 85 x 90 cm. Abena’s customized solution. Ref. AdAB4073

These products are a natural part of Abena’s customized solution for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, home care and medical shops

An important part of our full continence solution. Discreet reusable bed pads.

High absorbency due to distribution of layers. Can be washed more than 300 times

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Reusable Standard Bed Pad. 4 ply. Perfect for every night use.
Reusable Standard Bed Pad – 4 ply – Perfect for every night use – 85 x 90 cm | Ug516 / QP / BL / F

✓ Reusable Standard Bed Pad with the top 80% cotton and 20% polyester, white color.

✓ 4 layers of materials, high absorption capacity.

✓ A wonderful aid if you are caring for a bedridden patient.


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Soaker Bed Pads
Soaker Bed Pads – 5 layers with wings. 80 x 90 cm – To protect the mattress | VeAD250

✓ Soaker Bed Pads designed to protect the mattress and patient.

✓ Used with patients without mobility or with moderate or high incontinence.

✓ High absorption rate product.

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Reusable Incontinence Pad ROBUSTO. Various sizes.
Reusable Incontinence Pad ROBUSTO – Various sizes with wings – Very absorbent | UbO-205400

✓ Incontinence is an inherently embarrassing problem with leakage accidents and odors caused by urine or feces.

✓ It can also lead to rupture of the skin and sores that do not heal due to excessive moisture and / or bacteria in constant contact with the skin.

✓ Various Sizes; 90 x 80 cm., 105 x 90 cm., 135 x 190 cm. 150 x 200 cm.


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Washable Chair Pad
Washable Chair Pad COLOURS. Ideal absorbent pad for protecting chairs. Ref. AbPR52101

Washable Chair Pad. It has a water-repellent layer.

Proteges against loss of urine absorption capacity of 1 litre.

Colours: blue, pink, brown, burgandy. Multi-layer design offers utmost comfort

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washable chair pad
Washable Chair Pad 5 Layers. Size 45 x 50 cm. Very absorbent and easy to place. Ref. L3040

Seat pads are effective yet inexpensive continence aids that help to protect armchairs and other surfaces from spillages.

These seat pads are designed to prevent water damage to upholstery.

Very absorbent and easy to place.

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Washable Chair Pad
Washable Chair Pad 3 Layers Without Wings. Size: 45 × 55 cm. Ref. Ug515/Q

Soap dishwasher safe with upper 80% cotton and 20% polyester, white.

The edges strongly sewn…resistent. Size: 45 × 55 cm.

An excelent support product for incontinence.


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chair pad
Chair Pad – Reusable incontinence seat protector | Ea440D/45

✓ Absorbent high-end soaker indicated to protect the wheelchair.

✓ It has two strips/ties to secure it to the wheelchair.

✓ Reusable and washable.

✓ The reusable absorbent chair pad has 5 layers.

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Reusable Bed and Chair Pads

Reusable Bed and Chair Pads; Urinary incontinence (UI) is the involuntary leakage of urine.

Reusable Bed and Chair Pads

It is often referred to as the hidden epidemic. At different ages, males and females have different risks for developing UI.

Incontinence care can seem costly, but incontinence products like reusable underpads can save significantly on incontinence care costs.

ORTOHISPANIA and it´s bedding and chair protection products are designed to draw moisture away from the body to prevent skin irritation.

Reusable underpads use multiple layers to prevent wetness from spreading to the bed.

You can decide which product to choose based on: amount of leakage, convenience, cost, durability, how easy it is to use and how well odor is controlled.

When using these incontinence products absorbent seat and bed soakers it is important to protect the skin when in contact with urine for a long time.

At ORTOHISPANIA our Bed and Chair Pads are supplied by internationally recognized health care manufacturers, quality made products from MIP Inc.(Supplier-Ugari), UBIO TEX, Vettel, S.L., ABENA (Supplier Ayudas Dinamicas) and the Suppliers Easy Way, Able2 and Garcia 1880 in Spain.

Reusable Bed and Chair Pads