pressure ulcer mattress
Pressure Ulcer Mattress UBIO AIR – Prevention/Treatment pressure ulcers | UbO-703050


✓ Air Mattress especially suitable for the prevention and treatment of patients at risk of pressure ulcers.

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Decubitus Air Mattress With Compressor
Decubitus Air Mattress With Compressor. Prevents the occurrence of ulcers level 1. Ref. L3025

Designed primarily to achieve a good effect of massage and blood circulation.

Prevents the occurrence of ulcers Level 1 and also improves existing ulcers.


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Decubitus Medium Air Mattress
Decubitus Medium Air Mattress – Patients with Grade 2 and 3 pressure ulcers | UbO-703060

If the user have a high risk and advanced bedsores then, we recommend the model UBIO AIR PLUS mattress.

The pump is ultrasilent.

Mattress composed of 18 cells.alternating pressure mattress

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Relief Mattresses

Relief Mattresses; Prevention is certainly the best strategy against pressure ulcers.

For this we have a highly effective aids: dynamic systems air mattress with alternating compressor.

To reduce pressure and friction are 3 types of surfaces:

  • equipment alternating pressure,
  • low pressure
  • and static

Adapted to each type of ulcer and weight of the patient.