Underpants Lift Aid
Underpants Lift Aid GANTE, Simple Device That Assists in Applying Underwear Independently, Ref. AdH4690

Underpants Lift Aid GANT is the most appropriate support for people with difficulties to reach the foot, hip problems, back, obesity, arthritis and pregnant.


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Revoreach Clamp
Revoreach Clamp, 66 cm. A Clamp That Require Minimum Effort, Robust, Ref. AdH8090

The Revoreach clamp is a clamp that gives minimal effort, ergonomically designed handle that reduces stress and strain on the wrists.


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Good Grips Button Hook
Good Grips Button Hook, Fasten Using One Hand, Ref AdH4675

Good Grips Button Hook It allows buckle with one hand. The hook also helps zipping.

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Dressing Aids

Dressing Aids: Dressing in general becomes an easy task with these handy dressing aids from Asister.

Articles of clothing can be put on with the use of one of our dressing sticks.

The buttonhook can handle fastening the toughest buttons and zippers are no match for the zip grip.

You will get a sense of satisfaction when you are able to do these everyday tasks once again.

Also can help provide caregiver independence.

Quality products that will make people’s lives easier. Including the long handle shoe horn, shoehorn reacher, sock aid and arthritic hip kit to make getting dressed easier for people suffering from arthritis pain.


The variety of aids available will greatly facilitate the lives of dependent and elderly people.

It often benefits the people around them.


The introduction of new products that make everyday tasks easier, such as dressing, putting on shoes, etc., is a constant interest for those like Ortohispania who dedicate ourselves to the world of health.