Manual Pill Grinder
Manual Pill Grinder with Handle, Quick & Easy Pill Crusher, Crushing of Pills, Vitamins and Supplements Quickly and Easily, Código itVCFM01

The total powdering of the tablets makes it possible to mix the medicine completely with solid or liquid foods, leaving the consistency unchanged, in order to make it easier to take the medication.

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pill dispenser
Pill Dispenser. Electronic, Automatic and Reminder , Can Help to Better Manage Medication, Código itVCPH01

The original Vitacarry electronic reminder “Carousel Advance”, is an advanced device that allows the administration of drugs even to people with disabilities who are not able to choose independently the type and dosage of medicines to be taken daily.

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tablet cutter
Tablet Cutter EZYCUT With Safety Shield, The Safest, Easiest Way to Split Pills, Ref. itVCUTGRN

Adjustable arms center pill! Stainless steel blade. Contour bottom. Built-in magnifier. Safety Shield. Contents: One Ezy-Cut Tablet Cutter.

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pill organizer
Pill Organizer, Easy Fill Weekly Carousel Ezy Dose, Compact Size is Great for On-The-Go Needs, Ref. itVCABXCBL

Ezy Dose products make living healthier simply easier with products like pill cutters, pill crushers and a full line of easy-fill planners.

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Weekly Pillbox Anabox
Weekly Pillbox Anabox, Easier to Remember your Dosaige, Ref. Ad9910

Weekly Pillbox Anabox, Harder to Forget a Shot convenient to simplify and make it easier to take medicines and more difficult to forget one shot.


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travel pillbox
Travel Pillbox, Foldable, For the Holidays, Traveling and Weekends, Ref. L23151, VIDEO

Ideal to keep your different pills in separate compartments, perfect for carrying a small selection of pills for holidays, trips and weekends.


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Pillbox 4 Compartments per Day, Every Day of the Week is a Different Color, Ref. PasFSAP-ST4

Drugs are one of the research products that we use in our lives. This idea serves as initial reflection, focusing on increased consumption of drugs in our midst.


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Daily Weekly Pillbox
Daily Weekly Pillbox 4 Doses, Helps Organize and Classify Medication, Ref L2317

Daily Weekly Pillbox It is very convenient and helps organize and classify the dose of pills to elderly people who have difficulties with memory.

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Boxer Briefs of Bamboo
Bamboo Boxer Underwear, Extremely Comfortable, High Quality Bamboo Fiber Sportswear, Ref Idmes010

The properties of BambooSmarTec fabric will keep your skin fresh, its silk-like softness will make you feel incredibly comfortable.

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Weekly Pillbox MEASURED
Weekly Pillbox MEDIDOS, 4 Daily and 7 Weekly Containers, Includes a Carrying Case, Ref AdH9931

Weekly Pillbox MEASURED It contains seven containers, one for each day. Carrying case includes a container individually. provide benefits to patients.

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Raised Toilet Seat
Raised Toilet Seat With Lid, From ATLANTIS, Lightweight and Easy to Install, Ref. AbPR50922-L

It raises the height of the seat, making it much easier to sit down on and rise from the seat.

not rated 24.08 24.71  (I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.) Select options
Raised Toilet Seat
Raised Toilet Seat ATLANTIS, Without Lid, Ref. AbPR50924

They are lightweight and easy to install. All the parts can all be cleaned with warm water and a neutral cleanser or totally immersed in water.

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Male Urinal
Male Urinal with Lid SABOT, Hygienic, Convenient and Easy to Use, Ref. Cor905008

For use in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and at home.

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folding wooden shower seat
Folding Wooden Shower Seat, An Elegant Look With Functionality, Ref: EA207M

Folding Wooden Shower Seat Folding wooden shower seat; Wooden slats, supplied with screws. Seat made of wood and stainless steel. Its noble materials make this seat a design piece for your shower. It is firmly attached to the wall with … Read More

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Bidet With Plug, Portable, Very Useful for the Intimate Toiletry, Ref. Ea213

Bidet With Plug, Portable Bidet With Plug; This plastic portable  technical aid product is a tool for washing the private parts. It incorporates a plug, making it easy to fill and empty water. PORTABLE BIDET WITH PLUG   With plug, anatomical … Read More

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wedge potty
Wedge Potty, Comfortable Usage for its Design, Ref. Cor905002

Wedge potty, potty fantastic shaped wedge is used daily by institutions and health centers because of its high strength.Potty wedge for bed.


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fold away grab rail
Fold Away Grab Bar From ATLANTIS, Comfortable and Very Safe, Ref. AbPR70050

Fold Away Grab Bar From ATLANTIS Fold Away Grab Bar from Atlantis; Epoxy coated tubular steel rails in trombone shape. The base plate has four mounting points to secure it to the wall. This excelent soport product for the elderly … Read More

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Pyjamas – Short Sleeves and Legs, Zipper in Back and Legs, No Patient Access to the Nappy, UgATV-2080

As dementia progresses, dressing unfortunately becomes increasingly difficult. Thus with these specially designed pyjamas the task becomes easier.


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Bib, Loop Closure, It Protects the User From Stains, Ref. VeAD150

Bib, Loop Closure Bib, Loop Closure, It Protects the User From Stains It protects the user from stains (food, fluid ..). Sanitary health bib made in cotton terry and PVC for rapid absorption and retention of fluids.   Colour : White … Read More

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Bib with Pocket
Bib with Pocket PERMAPRINT, Washable Fabric and Waterproof Barrier, Ref. Ug70836/SG/B-cb

Super tough with absorbent tissue surface and impermeable barrier bib.

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tie bib
Tie Bib with Sleeves, DURALEX Bib, Saniluxe Tissue, Prevents Stains and Debris From Accumulating, Ref. UbO-704702

Tie Bib with Sleeves Tie Bib with Sleeves; Duraflex bib made of polyurethane * Saniluxe tissue. What is DURAFLEX®? DURAFLEX® is a patented material specially developed to feature the elasticity of rubber and the wear resistance of polyurethane. The DURAFLEX® … Read More

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Bib GOURMET, Patterned Cloth – Bibs with Very Different Motifs and Colours, Ref. AVsorBabG

Bib GOURMET Bib GOURMET designed to retain any solids or liquids that may fall during meals. Composed of two layers, a front layer of cotton and a back layer of polyethylene impermeable. Closure by means of Loops. It incorporates a … Read More

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patient nightgown
Patient Nightgown, Various Colors: White, Sky Blue and Blue with Pattern, Short Sleeve Hospital Nightgown, Ref. UbO-706100

Patient Nightgown Patient Nightgown. Hospital gown short sleeves with ribbons rear closure system allows for easy, convenient and quick recognition. All the garments are washable and of high quality, which gives a longevity to the product. Means a considerable saving … Read More

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Patient Nightgown
Patient Nightgown, Closing at Neck and Waist Bands (LH side.) Ref. UgPG59

Patient gown 1st quality coverage back, the density of the fabric guarantees its opacity, closures are with ribbons on the neck and waist to prevent accidental opening.

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washable incontinence pants 3
Washable Incontinence Pants POLOLO, Designed for All-Day and All-Night Comfort, Ref. UbO-204500 DATA SHEET

The best alternative to disposable adult diapers for men and women is reusable cotton cloth diapers used with plastic pants like the UBIOTEX model “POLOLO”.


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Waterproof Panty,
Waterproof Panty, Designed for all-Day and All-Night Comfort, Ref. UbO-204300

Subject without pressing/constricting the subject, avoiding leakage of liquid to clothing.

not rated 16.46 23.28  (I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.) Select options
Waterproof Reusable Adult Pants
Waterproof Reusable Adult PANTS, Durability and Unparalleled Comfort, Avoiding Possible Leaks, Ref. UbO-204200

It is waterproof, anti-dust, breathable, fire retardant, antibacterial, anti-fungal.

not rated 14.94 19.19  (I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.) Select options
Reusable Adult PANTS
Reusable Adult PANTS, Adaptable and Waterproof With Velcro Closure, Ref. UbO-204175 DATA SHEET

Washable Incontinence Pants; Designed for all-day and all-night comfort. The waterproof incontinence pant is meant to be worn over any adult diaper.

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Plastic Pants
Plastic Pants for Urinary Incontinence CORYSAN, Various Sizes, Adapts to an Absorbent Incontinence Protection, CORYSAN, Ref. Cor311004, PACKAGE; 1 UNIT/1 Box, 3 Boxes/PACK

Adaptation of absorbent incontinence diaper. Bilateral opening for easy placement in immobilized patients. Hygienic and waterproof.

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Bamboo Compression Socks
Bamboo Compression Socks, PAIR, BAMBOO SmarTec® Fabric, These Compression Socks will Definitely Change Your Life, Ref. Indes004

Bamboo Compression Socks, PAIR Bamboo Compression Socks, These Compression Socks will Definitely Change Your Life!, Feel the extra comfort of INDESmed compression socks, BAMBOO SmarTec® fabric is extremely resilient and durable, and softer than cotton feeling like cashmere.   Bamboo … Read More

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Washable Bed Pad
Washable Bed Pad; Bed Protection, With or Without Wings, Size: 85 x 90 cm., Abena’s Customized Solution, Ref. AdAB4073

These products are a natural part of Abena’s customized solution for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, home care and medical shops and an important part of our full continence solution.

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Mittens Biocare (Par), Self Harm Prevention, Ref. AdH34005

Mittens Biocare (Par), Self Harm Prevention, Ref. AdH34005 Mittens Biocare (par) Gloves with magnetic quick fastener to prevent self-harm or injury to others close. It supplied in pairs and 2 button magnetic closure and a magnetic key.

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Cloth Pad PLUS, Incontinence and Menstrual Pads, PACKS: of 3 or 5 Units Reusable Feminine Hygiene Product, Ref. Absor-Pañ

  Cloth Pad  PLUS, Incontinence and Menstrual Pads, PACK of 3 or 5 Units, REUSABLE TEXTILE Cloth Pad PLUS, Incontinence and menstrual pads, REUSABLE TEXTILE. Female Incontinence. Customizable to Fit Your Needs Composed of an outer layer of cotton plush … Read More

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underwear waterproof PVC - en
Underwear, Waterproof PVC, All Sizes, Unisex, Ref. AbPR52179

The interior is comfortable and soft. It can be machine washed.

not rated 22.00  (I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.) Select options
shopping trolley
Shopping Trolley Lett800, Versatile and Reliable, VIDEO, For Active and Independent Senior Citizens, Ref. CarLett800

Do the shopping and go for a stroll safe in the knowledge that you can sit down and relax whenever you need to. This is the challenge that the Lett800 has responded to.

not rated 157.49  (I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.) Select options
Andador Ultraligero
Walker INDESmed, Comfortable and Ergonomic, From Professional Use to Your Home, Ref. Idesm005

Walker INDESmed, Comfortable and Ergonomic Walker INDESmed: The ergonomic grip frame keeps your wrists’ natural position assuring you will not suffer from tendinitis or any other pain on your hands and body. Its minimum width increases the mobility indoors to … Read More

not rated 72.40  (I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.) Select options
carbon fiber walking cane
Carbon Fiber Walking Cane, 1 UNIT, Exclusive Curved and Oval Carbon Fiber Frame, Ref. Indes-003, DATASHEET, VIDEO

It’s exclusive curved and oval carbon fiber frame allows optimal load transfer, and it’s ergonomic handgrip ensures proper hand positioning avoiding wrist pain.


not rated 160.00  (I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.) Select options
canes for walking
Canes for Walking, 1 UNIT, Aerospace Grade Aluminum, , Various Colors and Sizes, Ref. Indes009, DATASHEET, VIDEO

A modern and fashionable walking cane made of aerospace grade aluminum, with an ergonomic handgrip and a soft silicone cover.

not rated 48.99  (I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.) Select options
colour forearm crutch
Colour Forearm Crutch in Aluminium, 1 UNIT/ITEM, Don’t stop! Keep Having Fun With INDESmed Crutches!, Ref. Indes-001, *DATA SHEET*, *VIDEOS*

You will not suffer tendinitis during your recovery, and you won’t have pain in the hand as usually happens with standard crutches.

not rated 55.29  (I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.) Select options
swivel seat
Swivel Seat ARUBA, Adapting to Individual Needs, Ref. Bs1009, *Instruction Manual*, *VIDEO*

With ergonomic seat and backrest, bathroom series adapts to individual needs. It is available in a soft blue tone. With its design ensures that the user can have a comfortable bath.

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