Restraint Sheet For The Winter
Restraint Sheet For The Winter SANITIZED – Long sleeves | Ubo-203300

This product is recommended to Alzheimer patients or patients suffering from other kind of degenerative diseases.

Unwanted manipulations (diaper, injuries, etc.) by the user are avoided.

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Bamboo Compression Socks BAMBOO SmarTec® Fabric. These compression socks will definitely change your life.
Bamboo Compression Socks BAMBOO SmarTec Fabric. These compression socks will definitely change your life. Ref. Indes004, SUPREME QUALITY PRODUCT

Feel the extra comfort of INDESmed compression socks, BAMBOO SmarTec® fabric is extremely resilient and durable, and softer than cotton feeling like cashmere.


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bamboo compression socks
Bamboo Compression Socks, Trademark ECOSOX, Help Maintain Healthy, Active Legs, AbECO210-B

These socks help maintain healthy, active legs by helping prevent minor swelling of feet, ankles, and legs.

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Bamboo Culottes
Bamboo Culottes, Best Solution for Performance in Sports and Life, Ref. Indes011, SUPREME QUALITY PRODUCT

BambooSmarTecⓇ fabric will keep your skin fresher, its softness like silk will make you feel incredibly comfortable.


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Boxer Briefs of Bamboo
Boxer Briefs of Bamboo – Extremely comfortable – High quality bamboo fiber sportswear | Idmes010

The properties of BambooSmarTec fabric will keep your skin fresh.

Its silk-like softness will make you feel incredibly comfortable.


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Pyjamas Short Sleeves and Legs – Zipper in back and legs | UgATV-2080

As dementia progresses, dressing unfortunately becomes increasingly difficult.

Thus with these specially designed pyjamas the task becomes easier.



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Long Pyjamas, Zippered Back
Pyjamas – Long Sleeves and Legs – Zippered Back | UgATV-1081

It has sleeves and long to use as pajamas and zipper is placed on the back for placement faciliar legs.



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Pyjama -Long in Sleeves and Legs – Zipper in the Legs – Patients with dementia | UgATV081

Pajamas especially suitable for patients with dementia.



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Pyjama Long Zippered
Pyjama – Long Sleeves and Legs Zippered – Can´t open and manipulate swabs | UgATV2081

✓ Especialmente indicado para pacientes con incontinencia o demencia.

✓ Tiene una cremallera en la espalda para facilitar su colocación y una la cremallera en la parte interior de las piernas.



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care garment
Care Garment from SUPRIMA; Pyjamas/Underwear UNISEX, Short Sleeve, Combines a T-Shirt and Tights in an Incontinence Product, Ref. Ad4697000

Easy access to incontinence products, which facilitates the caregiver’s work. With zipper on the legs, it facilitates changing diapers without undressing.


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patient nightgown
Patient Nightgown, Various Colors: White, Sky Blue and Blue with Pattern, Short Sleeve Hospital Nightgown, Ref. UbO-706100

A product or technical aid that…

doesn´t produce the discomforting smell, stained clothing

 ✅ doesn´t damage the personal self-esteem of the patient

✅ aids the difficult task of changes…undress and to return to dress.

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Patient Nightgown
Patient Nightgown, Closing at Neck and Waist Bands (LH side.) Ref. UgPG59

Patient gown 1st quality coverage back, the density of the fabric guarantees its opacity, closures are with ribbons on the neck and waist to prevent accidental opening.

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geriatric nightgown
Geriatric Nightgown, Short Sleeve, Made of Very Soft, Adaptable and Durable Fabric, Ref. VeAD99

The geriatric gown is ideal for use in bed and wheelchair, as well as in patients with varying degrees of dependence.

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Patient Nightgowns, Underware, Socks

Patient Nightgowns: A textile social-sanitary especially relevant product. Change of underwear and incontinence products without undressing completely possible.

Patient Nightgowns

Suitable for the care of immobile patients.

The patient should be transferred with the least possible clothing, for easy treatment and osculation.

The dress was originally designed about 100 years ago for use in patients admitted the night before surgery, who were sedated before transfer to the anesthesia room half asleep in a hospital bed.

And it has not really changed since then.

TANGO Sportswear:

Soft and comfortable for use in all kinds of sports and leisure.

Socks, Boxers and panties in bamboo fiber.