Bib Loop Closure, It Protects the User From Stains, Ref. VeAD150

Bib, Loop Closure Bib, Loop Closure, It Protects the User From Stains It protects the user from stains (food, fluid ..). Sanitary health bib made in cotton terry and PVC for rapid absorption and retention of fluids.   Colour : White … Read More

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Bib with Pocket
Bib with Pocket PERMAPRINT, Washable Fabric and Waterproof Barrier, Ref. Ug70836/SG/B-cb

Super tough with absorbent tissue surface and impermeable barrier bib.

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tie bib
Bib with Sleeves DURALEX Tie Bib, Saniluxe Tissue, Prevents Stains and Debris From Accumulating, Ref. UbO-704702

DURAFLEX® is a patented material specially developed to feature the elasticity of rubber and the wear resistance of polyurethane.

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Bib GOURMTET, Patterned Cloth – Bibs with Very Different Motifs and Colours, Ref. AVsorBabG

Composed of two layers, a front layer of cotton and a back layer of polyethylene impermeable.

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Adult Bibs

Adult Bibs: Stop permitting food and beverages, spills, spoil your day.

Bibs and protective clothing can be used by people who help feed people with disabilities.

A good sized adult bib is essential to help protect the wearer’s clothing from drooling.

And even from food spills when eating or feeding.

In Ortohispania there are many models and designs

They are an indispensable help when feeding a person who has difficulty eating.

Waterproof bibs have a large absorption capacity and are sufficient in size to protect clothing from leftover food, liquids or spills.

adult bibs