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Bib GOURMET, Patterned Cloth – Bibs with Very Different Motifs and Colours, Ref. AVsorBabG

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Bib GOURMET designed to retain any solids or liquids that may fall during meals. Composed of two layers, a front layer of cotton and a back layer of polyethylene impermeable.

Closure by means of Loops.

It incorporates a pocket in the bottom for the collection of rest of food; The closing by means of buttons under pressure, allows its opening to facilitate the cleaning.


Easy to clean and dry.


Patterned Cloth. Bibs with very different motifs and colors – Pomeral, Rosas, Tast, Vintage

Handmade Product. Delivery from 7 to 10  days. Being craft products it might be that the fabric patterns might vary.



Size M 37cm wide and 53 to 60cm long


Why use Absorvalia Bibs?

ABSORVALIA bibs are an aid when a person has a mobility problem, eating difficulty or salivation problems.Bib GOURMET

They are waterproof bibs, for all ages, that have a great capacity of absorption thanks to its intermediate fabric. Its ergonomic shape allows a better adaptation to the user’s neck, a solution to protect the clothes.

Its closure by means of brackets, prevents users suffering from alzheimer or senile dementia, can suffer any damage if they stretch from it, and allows easy placement or removal of it.

They are composed of three layers, for a greater absorption.

The outer layer (visible) is made of cotton fabric.

This can be plush (warmer and more absorbent) or plain (with variety of prints).

Underneath, it has an absorbent layer of cotton, which is the one that allows to give greater power of absorption to the bibs ABSORVALIA.

The lower layer, which is in contact with the user’s skin or clothing, is another layer of cotton, but this is impermeable-breathable to prevent the passage of liquids to the user’s body.



Home / Maintenance Bib
It´s great absorbing power, will insure that one will avoid having to wash lots of bibs everyday.

Bibs can be washed with other clothing, but for greater durability, it is recommended not to use fabric softeners, as these reduce the absorption power.

Do not use bleach, very harmful to the waterproof layer, producing irreparable damage.

Once washed, they can be dried in the air or in a dryer.

Additional information

Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 20 x 15 x 3 cm

Pomeral, Roses, Tast, Vintage


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