Hygienic Mask For Adults Reusable
Hygienic Mask For Adults REUSABLE. 50 plus washes. High bacterial protection efficiency. Ref. Ap11765-B SUPREME QUALITY

More than 50 washes.
High bacterial protection efficiency and particle filtration.
Highlights for its durability without losing performance.


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medical mask
Medical Mask With Elastics. 3 Layers. Box of 50 units. Single-Use. COVID-19 protection. Ref. MMHSH2550

High air filtration with three layers.

They are made as non-reusable material.


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Protection Mask KN95-FFP2 COVID-19
Protection Mask KN95-FFP2 COVID-19. Packaging: 1 unit or Pack of 10 units. High quality and comfortable mask. Ref. MMG25-N95-KN95

High quality and comfort mask.
They promote optimal breathing.
Integrated nasal bridge
BFE and PFE filtration efficiency of more than 99%.

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Protection Masks KN95
Protection Masks KN95 (FFP2) COVID-19. Ideal solution for health professionals, emergency services and general public. Ref. L5555

They are designed to act as a filter.
Individually packed face masks.
They have the CE Certificate.
They are the ideal solution for all.

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Protective Face Screens
Protective Face Screens. Shields that offer complete facial protection. Ref. L5557

Offer complete facial protection (nose, mouth and eyes).
Face shields are individually packaged.
Our screen is light and comfortable to wear.

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Reusable Hygienic Mask for Children COVID-19
Reusable Hygienic Mask For Children COVID-19. Designed to prevent the transmission of infectious agents. L5556

There are three sizes, according to each age range, between 3 and 12 years old.

Made of 5 layers of textile material and are reusable.

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Reusable Protection Cap
Reusable Protection Cap. UNIDAD. +300 Washes. Easy to clean and disinfect manually. Ref. UbO-706567-1

Made with elastic tape to fit the head.
Breathable fabric.
Preferred use in hospitals, outpatient clinics, food industry and beauty and beauty centers.


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Shoe Covers Polyethylene DISPOSABLE
Shoe Covers Polyethylene DISPOSABLE. COVID-19. Box of 100 units. Avoid the transmission of infectious agents. Ref. MM100czb

Made of resistant polyethylene
With elastic on the upper edge
Full shoe coverage

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Specific Products COVID-19

Specific Products COVID-19. Protection products to confront COVID-19.

COFID-19  is here to stay, at least for quite some time.

So we will have to adapt many of our routines to live with it.

Not only do we have to take distance and care measures into account in our day-to-day, we also have to do it at work, especially if we are health personnel, work in centers for the elderly or care for vulnerable, dependent or sick people, in which case the protection measures must be extreme.

At ORTOHISPANIA we are always thinking of facilitating the day-to-day work of health professionals and caregivers of dependent people, and of course, the general population thus we have incorporated into our catalogue a line of protection products: masks, gowns, pants, leggings, hoods, etc…

Discover our range of recommended products to minimize the risks related to Covid-19.

At ORTOHISPANIA we are working to offer the best protection material solutions to deal with COVID-19.

We have expanded our product offering to combat COVID-19. Exercise extreme caution and not contribute to the spread of the pandemic.

In our online store, we present you the sub-category and its protection products COVID-19.

We have a very complete selection of COVID-19 products:

  • different types of masks,
  • protective screens,
  • shoe covers,
  • glasses,
  • screens,
  • dressing gowns,
  • pants,
  • caps,
  • disinfectants,
  • hand gel,
  • wipes,
  • sanitary containers

In the face of the global health emergency of Coronavirus Covid-19, ORTOHISPANIA as a health products company works to meet the demands of our customers.

We have stock of most of the products and we have grouped here everything that citizens and health professionals are most looking for.