Manual Pill Grinder
Manual Pill Grinder with Handle, Quick & Easy Pill Crusher, Crushing of Pills, Vitamins and Supplements Quickly and Easily, Código itVCFM01

The total powdering of the tablets makes it possible to mix the medicine completely with solid or liquid foods, leaving the consistency unchanged, in order to make it easier to take the medication.

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pill dispenser
Pill Dispenser. Electronic, Automatic and Reminder , Can Help to Better Manage Medication, Código itVCPH01

The original Vitacarry electronic reminder “Carousel Advance”, is an advanced device that allows the administration of drugs even to people with disabilities who are not able to choose independently the type and dosage of medicines to be taken daily.

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tablet cutter
Tablet Cutter EZYCUT With Safety Shield, The Safest, Easiest Way to Split Pills, Ref. itVCUTGRN

Adjustable arms center pill! Stainless steel blade. Contour bottom. Built-in magnifier. Safety Shield. Contents: One Ezy-Cut Tablet Cutter.

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pill organizer
Pill Organizer, Easy Fill Weekly Carousel Ezy Dose, Compact Size is Great for On-The-Go Needs, Ref. itVCABXCBL

Ezy Dose products make living healthier simply easier with products like pill cutters, pill crushers and a full line of easy-fill planners.

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Weekly Pillbox Anabox
Weekly Pillbox Anabox, Easier to Remember your Dosaige, Ref. Ad9910

Weekly Pillbox Anabox, Harder to Forget a Shot convenient to simplify and make it easier to take medicines and more difficult to forget one shot.


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travel pillbox
Travel Pillbox, Foldable, For the Holidays, Traveling and Weekends, Ref. L23151, VIDEO

Ideal to keep your different pills in separate compartments, perfect for carrying a small selection of pills for holidays, trips and weekends.


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Pillbox 4 Compartments per Day, Every Day of the Week is a Different Color, Ref. PasFSAP-ST4

Drugs are one of the research products that we use in our lives. This idea serves as initial reflection, focusing on increased consumption of drugs in our midst.


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Daily Weekly Pillbox
Daily Weekly Pillbox 4 Doses, Helps Organize and Classify Medication, Ref L2317

Daily Weekly Pillbox It is very convenient and helps organize and classify the dose of pills to elderly people who have difficulties with memory.

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Weekly Pillbox MEASURED
Weekly Pillbox MEDIDOS, 4 Daily and 7 Weekly Containers, Includes a Carrying Case, Ref AdH9931

Weekly Pillbox MEASURED It contains seven containers, one for each day. Carrying case includes a container individually. provide benefits to patients.

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Pillbox with Alarm
Pillbox with Alarm VitaCarry, a Revolutionary Product for Use Daily, Weekly, or Several Days, Ref. ItyVCP001, VIDEO

Pillbox with Alarm VitaCarry. is a revolutionary product that, through a new generation timer. 7 Compartments.Flexible design for your convenience in travel.


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divider pill crusher
Pill Crusher, Ultra Fine “Cut N Crush” from EzyDose, Easily Crushes and Conveniently Grinds Them, Ref. L2312

Pill Crusher, Ultra Fine “Cut N Crush” from EzyDose Pill Crusher, Ultra Fine “Cut N Crush” from EzyDose: Crush the pills mixed with drinks or food, also serves to split them in half, it is easy to clean. The top … Read More

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POPPITT The Personal Medicine Remover
POPPITT The Personal Medicine Remover from Blister Packs, Ref. SDM-poppitt

POPPITT The Personal Medicine Remover from Blister Packs POPPITT The Personal Medicine Remover from Blister Packs; De-blistering…The Personal Poppitt aids the removal of tablets and capsules from blister packaging. Taking Medication?   Very simple to use Enables tablets to be … Read More

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pill crusher
Pill Crusher MAXCRUSH M300, Small and Convenient to Grind the Pills at Home, Ref. SDMM300, *VIDEO*

An effective system to crush tablets into an easy to consume fine powder.

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pill crusher
Pill Crusher Silent Knight, Highly Trusted System Component in Medication Management, Ref. AbAL600005

Thousands of healthcare professionals and tens of thousands of patients have benefited from the performance of this widely used device.


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pill crusher
Pill Crusher TOOKAN, Was Designed to Make Your Job Easier, Ref. SdmTOOK, VIDEO

The TOOKAN was equipped with an ergonomic handle, which is also designed for the frequent use in business. And it is ideal as a workstation, as it was designed to be a stand firm “heavyweight” and thus the quality is noticeable.”



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Pill Organizers and Reminders
pill organizers

Pill organizers and reminders:It is not a strange image seeing a dependent person open his pillbox to take one of the many drugs that must ingest daily.

Most of the elderly live daily with a very large number of pills per prescription. This means that you must take special precautions to insure drug treatments are safe and effective.

You should seek a cabinet, with separate personal spaces, for the exclusive use of medicines. And their distribution in containers (crushers, splitters, pillboxes,) for easy identification (containers, colors …) and transportation.
It’s always handy to have a help to taking medication.