inflatable shampoo basin
Inflatable Shampoo Basin, DELUXE, A No-Splash Solution, Ref. AbPR45016

Finally, a solution for washing hair in bed.

Properly position the head and shoulders for shampooing with these shampoo basins.

Made of durable vinyl for years of use.


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plastic bidet
Plastic Bidet, A Practical Technical Bathroom Aid, Ref. Ad500E

Plastic Bidet: The plastic bidet is a tool for intimate hygiene practice.


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Auxiliary Armrest
Auxiliary Armrest, Aluminum, A Very Practical Solution, Does Not Oxidizes Despite the Humid Environment, Ref.Ad501EL

Auxiliary armrests are a practical and economical solution, made of aluminum do not rust despite humid bathroom environment.

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rubber mats
Rubber Mats for Bath and Shower, To Avoid Possible Falls, Ref. L2400

Rubber Mats for Bath and Shower: Feel secure! with Rubber mats for bath and shower, avoid risks of falling or slipping.


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wedge potty
Wedge Potty – Very resistant | L2382

✓ Potty wedge for bedridden patients.

✓ Facilitating the deposition of feces and urine Very resistant to alkalis and detergents.


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female urinal
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portable male urinal
Portable Male Urinal. Intense white. It includes the cover. Ref. AbPR50564

A strong, simple design with a handle and a secure cap.

Allows for the user to go to the toilet in bed or in a sitting position.

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Container Prosthodontics
Container Prosthodontics – Conservation | L2380

✓ Container Prosthodontics  dentures with crescent shaped flexible impermeable walls, with snap-on lid.

✓ Lockable for easy handling.

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Various Bathroom Aids

Various bathroom Aids; Daily hygiene gives great benefits and should be done with the maximum of independence possible and above all with safety.

We offer a variety of support products designed by professionals, ergonomic versatile, resistant, reliable and practical.