folding bed rail
Folding Bed Rail BEDCANE, Makes Getting In-And-Out of Bed…Easy, Ref. Ad942

Folding Bed Rail BEDCANE also one of our Best Sellers because it makes getting in-and-out of bed… Easy!

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Grab Bar
Incorporation FOLDING Grab Bar – Standing with less effort | L2261

Handhold very practical for use in armchairs, beds, flat surfaces … etc,

Helps to join with the least effort.


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Handhold bed rail
Handhold Bed Rail, The Universal Bed Rail, Helps Rise or Sit with More Security, Ref. L2260, VIDEO

Handhold – bed rail, helps and user safety when you stand or sit on the bed.



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Bed Rails

Bed Rails as support aids provide extra security for all types of beds, providing easy access to them.

They are adaptable and resistant and easy to mount.

In many cases, beds become risk elements for patients who do not control their movements or children.

Having handrails to be installed in the beds gives us the peace of mind that the person will not suffer damages in case they can accidentally be produced.

Orthopedic protective guardrail products designed to protect the patient from blows against the railing.

The protector prevents the arms and legs from being inserted between the bars