Adapted Kitchen Knives
Adapted Kitchen Knives – EASY GRIP Handle – Ergonomic chef´s or slicing knife | L2328

🔪 Length: Long…allowing food to be cut more easily.

Comfortable: The ergonomic slicing knive can be used without having to overstress  that can cause injuries.

Grip: The adapted chef´s knife´s ergonomic grip makes the task easier.

Lightweigt: These products for dependent persons are very light and easy to use.

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kitchen knives easi grip set of 3
Kitchen Knives Easi-Grip. Individual knife or set of 3. Specially adapted kitchen knives. Ref: AbPR63016

Ergonomic features of our tried and tested range whilst the improved knives

The handle has been made thicker to make the knives even more comfortable and easier to use.

You may purchase as individual knives or a set of 3.


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Rocking T Knife
Rocking T Knife – Requires less strength and dexterity | AbPR65021

Easy cutting for people with a weak grasp.

‘T’ shaped handle and a rocking blade require less strength and dexterity.

They can be used to cut pastry and other foods when used on a flat surface.


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comfort grip cutlery
Comfort Grip Cutlery – Control for hands with reduced power | Ug20061

Set of 4 pieces with big, anti-slip grips.comfort grip cutlery. webequ. we believe in quality

The set consists of 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 spoon and 1 teaspoon.

Provides Control for Hands with Reduced Power.


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caring cutlery
Caring Cutlery. Promote independent eating. AdH5571

The knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon are included as a 4 pc. set.

Promote independent eating for those with a weak grip or restricted wrist and finger movement.

All are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

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cutlery set ornamin
Cutlery Set ORNAMIN Ergonomically Formed. Non-slip attachable grip pads. Ug11924

Eating independently despite a disability.

The non-slip, attachable grip pads leave a pleasant feeling.

This set is designed specifically for people with a long-term disability.


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Ergonomic Knives
Ergonomic Knives RELIEVE from ETAC – Makes cutting easier | AbALM80402101

✓ Relieve knives have an angled handle and sharp edge which make cutting easier.

✓  The angle keeps the wrist straight and the grip friendly oval shape ensures a stable grip.

✓ Blade is set at an angle that minimizes the movement of the wrists.

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Bread Knife
Bread Knife WEBEQU, Can break even the most resistant crusts. Ref. Ug10012

Soft-touch grip, ergonomically designed, provides great stability, control and balance.

The special designed grip leans over the blade and captures the force from the natural cutting movement.

This grip requires less force enabling you to work longer without experiencing fatigue.


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chef´s knife
Chef´s Knife WEBEQU For Meat. Ergonomic handles that facilitate the grip. Ref. Ug11012

The new grip requires less arm strength and enables you to effortless work, even for a longer time.

A very careful design and ergonomic handles that facilitate the grip.

Optimal control, stability and balance of the knife.


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vegetable knife
Vegetable Knife WEBEQU. Control, stability and balance when you chop and cut vegetables. Ug12012

You need less force with this new grip.

A good choice for people with reduced arm- and shoulder strength.

WEBEQU ergonomic knives.


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knife block
Knife Block, Looks elegant on all counters in the kitchen. Ug18051

This wooden knife block offers the best conditions for storing your webequ knives.

The block for knives is made of acacia wood and looks elegant on all counters in the kitchen.

You always have your favorite knives at hand.

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reflex carving utensils
Reflex Carving Utensils – Facilitates grasping with a weakened hand | AdH5246

✔  Easy to grip contoured closed handle.

✔ The utensil set at an angle to minimise wrist movement for the user.

✔ Designed to counter balance the weight of the utensil whilst also being aesthetically pleasing

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fork and knife freehand
Fork And Knife FREEHAND, Allows cutting and eating with one hand, UgE143000201

FREEHAND: a concrete help in the daily life!

Freehand Fork and Knife, Created for People Who are Temporarily or Permanently Unable to Use their Upper Limb

A device that combines two cutlery items in a single object. Fork and knife can be used with only one hand.

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Special Cutlery and Kitchen Knives

We present adapted and special needs cutlery and kitchen knives that you can not missin order to prepare your dishes and recipes.

Special Cutlery

Discover the use of each type of specific cutlery and knife and how to take care of them to keep them in perfect condition.

There is a wide variety of adapted cutlery and kitchen knifes that facilitates the necessary motor mechanisms to achieve true autonomy in the kitchen and dining room.

Eating can become a chore for elderly and disabled people as they may have trouble gripping cutlery properly, meaning they struggle to cut up their food and bring it to their mouth successfully.

Special Cutlery

Cutting up food and preparing meals can be a real problem for those with the use of one hand or people that suffer from arthritis.

These Kitchen Knives & Utensils have been designed to remedy that situation and make life a lot easier in the kitchen.

Please have a browse at the extensive selection of products in Ortohispania to find the best one to suit your specific needs.

Special Cutlery

Cutting food and preparing meals can be a real problem for those who use a hand or people suffering from arthritis.

These knives and kitchen utensils have been designed to remedy that situation and make life much easier in the kitchen.

Take a look at the wide selection of products below to find the best one that suits your specific needs.

Adapted knives include knives with a T-handle, rolling knives, knives with a vertical handle, which are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip and an effective cut.

Kitchen utensils adapted for arthritis protect the joints to help reduce pain in the fingers and hands experienced when cutting or slicing.

They help make food preparation and cooking easier for users with arthritis.

Adapted Cutlery

Our adapted cutlery section includes knives, forks and spoons for those who have a weak grip or limited range of motion. In ORTOHISPANIA a wide range of cutlery is available for disabled people, some with extra wide handles and easy to control.

The use of knives and forks designed for people with particular disabilities can make a significant difference in meals.