Protective Baseball Cap
Protective Baseball Cap For Children – Incorporates additional protection | UgBABLMXMD

✓  Kids only.

✓  Protective Cap for shock absorption for indoor and outdoor.

✓ Current and modern design

✓  It includes a Coolmax layer that allows great breathability which makes it ideal for use in hot climates.


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Soft Protective Helmet LENNY
Soft Protective Helmet LENNY From RIBCAP | UgLEGR

✓ Their modern designs fit with any lifestyle.

✓ Provides 360 degree protection without being bulky.

✓ It’s a great addition to any look.

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Cranial Protection Hats And Helmets

Cranial Protection Hats And Helmets. Give solution to different needs and preferences of the users.

From traditional cranial protection helmets to more modern and discreet helmets that can be used in daily life.

Whether you suffer from a condition such as epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease or simply want to improve your quality of life

Protective helmet that works to combat various neurological conditions, without compromising your personal style.

It is no secret that head injuries can be devastating.

In fact, studies show that about half of the world’s population will suffer at least one head injury in their lives.

Head protection equipment fashionable.

They are modern designs that adapt to any lifestyle and provide 360 ​​degree protection without being bulky or stigmatizing.

And since we are modest: it is a great variety to any aspect.