Raised Toilet Seat
Raised Toilet Seat With Lid. From ATLANTIS. Lightweight and easy to install. Ref. AbPR50922-L

✓ It raises the height of the seat, making it much easier to sit down on and rise from the seat.

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Raised Toilet Seat
Raised Toilet Seat ATLANTIS, Without Lid, Ref. AbPR50924

They are lightweight and easy to install. All the parts can all be cleaned with warm water and a neutral cleanser or totally immersed in water.

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raised toilet seat
Raised Toilet Seat, WC With Swing Arms, Fits Most Toilets, Ref L2275, VIDEO

Height adjustable up to 15 cm., According to user need.



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Soft Toilet Lift
Soft Toilet Lift With Lid – Adapts to Most Toilets | L2172

✓ Easy and economical solution to solve the difficulty of the elderly or disabled.

✓ Adapt to the toilet without the need for tools and in a few minutes.

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Raised Toilets Seats

Raised toilet seats are seat attachments designed for the elderly and disabled individuals who have difficulty lowering themselves into a seated position, or rising into a standing position.

By increasing the height that a user must descend to, or ascend from.

These products make it easier for those with physical impairments to toilet themselves safely and without incident.

At Asister there are available a wide range of raised toilet seats to suit every need.