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Soft Toilet Lift With Lid – Adapts to Most Toilets | L2172

52.27  (I.V.A. incl.)

✓ Easy and economical solution to solve the difficulty of the elderly or disabled.

✓ Adapt to the toilet without the need for tools and in a few minutes.


Soft Toilet Lift with Lid

Soft Toilet Lift With Lid. WC lift is a solution easy and economical technical help to solve the difficulty of the elderly or disabled when they sit or lift the toilet.

The elevator fits most toilets simply snapping on the inside.

Some models also have a locking system using a thumbscrew pressure exerted on the inside.

Soft Toilet Lift with Lid made of PVC, very hygienic and easy to clean.

Weight max .: 180 kg.

Inside Dimension: 21×27 cm.

Go to the toilet with some independence is important and current toilets are usually too low so many people have difficulty sitting and to join.

An elevated toilet seat placed on provides a higher and allows more privacy in this very personal activity.

Booster seats are thus a practically essential to sit up and sit with minimal effort and security assistance.

Experts believe that reducing the risk of falls in osteoporotic patients and is especially recommended for hemiplegic, people with osteoarthritis of the hip prosthesis or any other degenerative process or hip or knee pain limits mobility.

They adapt to the toilet without the need for tools and in a few minutes.


WC elevators supplement existing toilet height in 5, 10 or 15 cm.

To choose the most appropriate must take into account the user’s height.

Although the most common is the 10 cm, a tall person can specify the 15 cm and a short person than 5 cm is sufficient.

When a toilet is used by more than one person it is recommended the 10 cm.




Products Support Personal Autonomy

Adopt or abandon the proper posture

This activity requires good power in the muscles of the lower limbs and trunk balance.

For people with trouble bending or incorporated toilet surface, its height should be increased with various

Never rely on places like sinks, faucets and towel bars.

There are different types of hikes:

  • Hikes standing on the rim of the toilet and can be found at different heights (it is sometimes difficult
    that perfectly fit the shape of all toilets). Some of these increases have built armrest.
  • Hikes with armrests for support and adjustable height resting on the floor legs. They can be adapted to any form of toilet.
  • Booster seats that making the move to join up the back helping to stand.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 25 × 50 cm

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