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Toilet chair CLUB, Aspect Discreet, Conceals Function Well, Ref. Ad920

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Toilet chair: Chair, very comfortable with built toilet is discreet, hiding very well, the function is given.


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Toilet chair CLUB, Aspect Discreet

Toilet chair: Chair with built toilet is very comfortable, discrete spectrum cloaking function well for which it was designed.

Chair designed for people who for some reason find it difficult to move to the toilet sink.

Chair manufacturing robust and easy to clean.


Seat Measure: 43 x 43 cm

Chair Features; CLUB

Total weight: 8 kg


Model         width                high seat            bottom     width / arms         maximum weight

Add920     56 cm                41 a 51 cm         57 cm           45 cm                    100 kg

Chairs with toilet built are especially suitable for people with incontinence and are a very useful resource in cases where the person has no bearing capacity or can not move to the toilet

Toilet chair CLUB


Health chair is a portable toilet (WC) generally having wheels. The seat of the chair looks like a toilet. When the person can not walk to the bathroom, the chair can be placed on one side of the bed. The chair can be wood, plastic, or metal and has a bucket (container) under the seat. This container can be removed for cleaning after use. The portable toilet can have wheels for storage when not in use. The wheels can be secured to prevent movement when the person is using.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 70 cm


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