Turban CAMELIA For Cancer Patients. Ref. UbO-706801

Turban CAMELIA Turban CAMELIA. For Cancer Patients. These products are characterized by being very soft and breathable, easy to install and a specialized design. Many people who lose their hair due to chemotherapy or other breast cancer treatments discover that … Read More

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Headwear, Head Scarves for Cancer Patients

Headwear, Head Scarves For Cancer Patients. Cancer is the most common in western women. In Spain more than 25,000 a year are diagnosed.

We can say that 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer throughout their lives.

The most frequent treatments used in breast cancer are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

These treatments, like many others, have side effects. Among them, point out the unwanted long and short term effects of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy usually damages the cells that are dividing, so chemotherapy is likely to affect those parts of the body where normal cells often divide.

During treatment, hair loss is usually one of the most difficult times to assume for these women.

For this reason, Asister has a beautiful and wide collection of scarves and turbans.

These products are characterized by being very soft and breathable, easy to install and a specialized design that provides naturalness and the additional fabric on the crown provides volume.


The turbans are easily placed without tying (looks like a hat, but with a sophisticated and elegant design).

These are models in one piece, all the cotton and elastin fabric, which ensures comfort and can also be placed in various ways.
Head Scarfs
The cancer tissues for chemotherapy, is another range of products available in Ubiotex, presenting several models and colors.

All the products in the beauty line are designed by designer Julia Mazzoni.
Softness and comfort, in addition to protecting the head from external factors.

Especially indicated for women who suffer hair loss, due to medical treatments or problems of alopecia. Also used as a beauty accessory.