nasal CPAP pillow
Nasal CPAP Pillow Bamboo Fibre – Extra comfort of those who sleep with a CPAP mask | UbO-116125

Made of bamboo fiber.

Designed for the extra comfort of those who sleep with a CPAP mask.

It gives support to the neck to help in cases of neck, shoulder and back pain.


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ocular pillow
Ocular Pillow. Postoperative Eye Surgery, Composition Textile Bamboo, UbO-116150

Anti-decubitus. Avoids pressure in the eye area.

Recommended after retinal detachment surgery to liberate pressure.

Especially relevant; Bamboo is an excellent raw material, with many fields of application and in tune with the environment.



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Viscoelastic Collar
Viscoelastic Collar, Adapts Well to Hold the Neck and Head Comfortably, Ref: AdH4040

Memory foam collar, has a warm and pleasant touch, it adapts very well to the neck comfortably holding the cabeca. It is ideal for travel.


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Butterfly Cervical Pillow. Correct support of the cervical spine
Butterfly Cervical Pillow – Correct support of the cervical spine | L3010

Cervical Pillow MARIPOSA.almohada cervical

It prevents and relieves pain by relaxing the muscles paravertebral cervical and upper thoracic.

Pillows actually play a big role in the health of your spine.

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bamboo fibre bed pillow
Bamboo Fibre Bed Pillow 90, Antibacterial and Fungicidal Properties, So it Acts as a Natural Deodorant, Ref. UbO-605500 DATA SHEET

The pillow 90 terlenka with the Sanitized hygiene function acts as a built-in deodorant and keeps clothes clean and fresh longer, pillow bed 90.


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Cushions and Pillows

Cushions and Pillows: The choice of an appropriate pillow or cushion is fundamental to avoid and prevent discomfort.

Pillows and cushions are perfectly adaptable, aiding a relaxation of the muscles.

These two support products  are indicated for all those who wish to improve the quality of relaxation and sleep.

Your goal is to keep the spine straight to avoid tensions, relax the neck muscles reduce the stress accumulated during the day and help to achieve a relaxing or sleepy night.

Measurements coincide with the usual width of the beds.