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Viscoelastic Collar, Adapts Well to Hold the Neck and Head Comfortably, Ref: AdH4040

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Memory foam collar, has a warm and pleasant touch, it adapts very well to the neck comfortably holding the cabeca. It is ideal for travel.



Viscoelastic Collar

Viscoelastic collar: Manufactured in viscoelastic foam. Very adaptable holding the neck and head comfortably when sitting, for example napping or watching TV.

¡The ideal cushion/collar for travelling!.

Warm and pleasant feel.


U Shaped Travel Pillow, Great to Use During Travel to Ease Sore Muscles and Tension.


 A dense “visco-elastic” material which has the property of reacting to body heat and weight so as to provide the most supportive shape possible.

Provides excellent neck and spine protection and natural spine alignment as it eliminates the possible damage caused by body pressure.

This memory foam pillow supports the head and neck. Corrects the body posture. Can be used around the home. Ideal for use during travel to ease sore muscles and tension

Tips to make a car trip more comfortable

It is customary for many drivers to move to your holiday destination by car. Some are traveling just to nearby beaches or mountains but there are also some that travel accross half of Spain. For both, we have compiled a number of tips for the drive, regardless of the destination.

Driving comfortable:

Although it seems logical, often we do not think of preparing ourselves physically ready to face a long trip.

The headrest must be adjusted to the proper height as well as support and distance to the pedals, it is key to be comfortable.

You may during your daily driving pick up  some vices that have a long drive to travel will not benefit from, such as being too close to the steering wheel.


Relieving stress and tension is crucial for everyone.

Conventional pillows and cushions can restrict blood flow, cause pressure build up and pain.


The Visco-elastic Collar memory foam product has been developed to provide excellent stress relieving comfort and support.

Its thermo sensitive properties will shape according to body temperature and the pressure points of the body weight.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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