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Elephant Cones14 cm. Elephant Feet Raiser. Make it Easier To Enter Or Exit. Especially In Transfers. Ref. Ad582

37.75  (I.V.A. incl.)

Set of 4 cones lifting elephant legs riise 14 cm beds, it makes it easier to enter or exit.


Elephant Cones 14 cm

Elephant Cones: Set of 4 cones lifting ‘elephant legs’ or elephant cones that raise the current 14 cm beds, to make it easier to enter or exit, especially in transfers

Interior diameter of the elephant cones…9 cm.

Elephant legs, easy installation, lift chairs and beds. Simple but robust and compatible with most furniture.

The special width of its top lets put them in a variety of chairs and beds.

The elephant legs are hard plastic and provide stability thanks to its wide base. 14 cm diameter. Set of 4 units.

Simply place under chairs or beds to raise the height.

Simple but strong, one piece grey plastic blends with most furniture.

The extra wide top will support most types of furniture leg and a central recess allows castors to safely locate for stability.

Product Description:

Cone shaped grey raisers with non slip pads.

Central depression ensures furniture legs fit securely in the centre of the raiser.

Slips easily under existing furniture legs. Secure fitting with non-slip inserts suits most furniture legs.

The height of a chair or bed should be suitable for easy transfer to adding the height of the raisers a safe and economical solution can be achieved.

  • Cone shaped grey raisers with non-slip pads
  • 14-cm top accepts large furniture legs
  • Make lowering or raising easier
  • Packge contains 4 elephant feet raisers, 5.5-inch

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 15 cm


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