pan holder
Pan Holder, Pots Stay In Place for One-Handed Stirring, AbPR60012

Secure frying pans to countertop

It allows you to cook with one hand.

Prevent the pan from turning

It helps to increase the safety of the kitchen.

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Long Handled Toe Nail Scissors
Long Handled Toe Nail Scissors, Aid for Cutting Nails, Even the Toughest, Ref. AbPR63006

Long Handled Toe Nail Scissors long scissors with a specific angle to cut your toenails. Designed not have to bend or bow.


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Anti-Slip Mat
Slip Mat Red Ideal for Transfers, Ref. AbPR61658-R

Anti-Slip Mat Ideal for Transfers to chair, chair etc. bed mat is slip resistant and prevents slipping or falling.

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Elephant Feet Raisers
Elephant Feet Raisers, Chairs and Beds Raisers, 14 cm., Ref. AbPR60740

Elephant Feet Raisers, Chairs and Beds Raisers They are hard plastic and provide stability thanks to its wide base. 14 cm diameter. Set of 4 units.


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Bib PERMAPRINT Color / Squares, With Pocket, Waterproof, Ref. Ug70836 /SB/Bol

Bib PERMAPRINT Color / Squares, With Pocket super tough with absorbent tissue surface and impermeable barrier, heavy-duty vinyl white.

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Various Daily Living Aids

Various Daily Living Aids. Daily Help Aids.

The wide variety of technical aids and support products available make daily life easier for people with some limitations.

And often it also benefits the people around them.

They encourage an independent life while improving self-esteem.