Rotating Transfer Disk
Rotating Transfer Disk 360º – Help transfers from bed, chair, sofa, car… | L2999

Helps person to enter and leave the car and to move from the chair or bed.

Very useful for people with impaired mobility.


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Active Transfer RETURN 7500
Active Transfer RETURN 7500; Multifunctional, Swivel and Transport Platform, Ref. Ug7500i, USER MANUAL

Active Transfer RETURN 7500 is easy-to-use and incredibly effective assistive device providing convenient and natural support for sit-to-stand and transfer.



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Transfer Table
Transfer Table, VIDEO, With This Board The Patient can be Moved Easily, Ref. L2345

Forms a small ramp at the entrance and exit, so that the patient can be moved easily and effortlessly.

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Rotating Disk Easy Turn
Rotating Disk EASY TURN, Mobilizing Patients Safely, Ref AdH8865

Rotating Disk Easy Turn It is very useful to mobilize patients safely because easily turn on him, with non-slip material, padded.


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Active Manual Transfer Aids

Active Manual Transfer Aids. For patients these are an essential tool for caregivers.

This very functional help makes it possible for the transfer or mobilization of a patient to be carried out by a single person, in a safe and dignified manner.

Orthopedic transfer products make the caregiver’s job much easier and prevents back injuries.

Active Manual Transfer Aids
Moving aids include hoists, sheets, and turning platforms that help you transfer between different positions or furniture.

Handling aids help make transfers more comfortable and secure for you and your carers.


If a person is able to bear some of their own weight for a short amount of time, there are various products to assist in transferring:

  • between bed,
  • chair and toilet, for example,
  • to move short distances,
  • or to stand in a supported manner.

As with any equipment used to move a person, careful professional assessment of the individual situation is required, to ensure that the most suitable choice is made.