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Transfer Table, VIDEO, With This Board The Patient can be Moved Easily, Ref. L2345

27.31  (I.V.A. incl.)

Forms a small ramp at the entrance and exit, so that the patient can be moved easily and effortlessly.


Transfer Table

Transfer Table; Board design like a small ramp inclined at both entry and exit.

So that the patient can be moved easily and effortlessly.


Slots available to help slide while this figure makes it more resistant to weight.
The major objective in this table is to achieve greater security and confidence of the user.


The movement from one place to another at times and entails significant risk that a simple and effortless way can avoid this transfer table.



21 x 71 cm.


Support products that facilitate transfers to the caregiver:

1.Rotational disc.

2. Transfer table:

Plastic … wood.
Curve … straight.
Flexible … rigid.
Sliding … no

3. Folding transfer chair.

4. Handle to enter bathtub.

5. Swivel chair for bath.

6. Shower holders, WC ….

7. Mechanical aids:

Mobile and fixed crane



Transfer Table

Transferring Using a Transfer Board

Transferring means moving between two surfaces (such as a bed and a wheelchair).

Safe transferring is crucial to preventing falls. he type of transfer you will use depends on your overall health and strength. This article will describe one type of transfer using a transfer board.

Health care provider helping man sitting on transfer board slide from wheelchair to bed.

Using a transfer board

A transfer board is typically a flat, rigid board made of wood or plastic. It’s used to bridge two surfaces.

Using a transfer board has certain benefits. For instance, it allows you to move between surfaces without using your legs. It allows for several small movements instead of one big motion. It also needs less upper body strength than other types of transfers.

A transfer board is a rigid or semi-flexible board that can be used to move users from one surface to another at a similar height.

The large transfer boards are usually made of plastic with one side sliding and the other non-slip.

They allow to transfer the user lying between surfaces of equal height or from one surface to another lower.

Some models can be used in conjunction with sliding sheets to reduce friction between the user and the table.

Some models have notches or holes so that the table can be fixed on the armrest of the wheelchair

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 75 × 21 × 10 cm

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