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Crutches ErgoDynamic – PAIR – With shock absorbing mechanism | VeM50par

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🧑‍🦯 Crutches ErgoDynamic. Sold as a unit or pair.

✓ Crutches with shock absorbing mechanism.

✓ With ultra-soft padded handle.

✓ Aluminio de alta calidad para obtener la máxima resistencia.

✓ Empuñadura intercambiable antideslizante y suave para una mayor comodidad.



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Crutches ErgoDynamic

Crutches ErgoDynamic PAIR

Crutches ErgoDynamic. PAIR. Equipped with shock absorbing mechanism.trade mark FDI Crutches

  • Ultra-soft padded handle.
  • Equipped with a shock absorbing mechanism.
  • Crutches with their height adjustable.

Trade Mark: FDI Forearm Crutches.

Muleta ErgoDynamic with ultra-soft padded handle and equipped with a shock absorbing mechanism.

Quantity – 2 crutches/PAIR

Colour :

Black or Grey/White

muletas ergodynamic

Crutches ErgoDynamic:

ErgoDynamic is exactly what the name says – DYNAMIC

It is FDI’s premier design featuring an integrated shock absorber system.

Softens each step to avoid shock to the hands, wrists and shoulders.

The unique shock absorber is integrated into the upper shaft.

And utilizes an exclusive in-handle linkage system.

Offering smooth, silent operation throughout its 1.26 inches (2.5cm) travel.

This one of kind design provides greater feedback and control while providing positive forward momentum to the user.

ErgoDynamic is available in 3 shock absorber weight range options.

Built with high quality materials, light tubes with an aluminum alloy with aspects of safety and comfort as flexible base slip, safety locking device, protection of forearm soft and smooth..

It also offers the unique advantages of a mechanism integrated shock absorption.

This cushion softens every step of the patient so that the pain in the wrists, elbows and shoulders can be avoided.

Specially designed for users who put all their weight on crutches.

This damping system has been added to a crutch minimum weight and operates smoothly and quietly.

On the other hand, prevents slipping, due to its design.

Featuring a contact and maximum adherence to the ground even in angle.


  • High quality aluminum for maximum strength with minimum weight (600 g)
  • Anti-slip soft grip exchangeable for comfort: easy to replace when worn out.
  • Patented “Backbone Structure” for greater rigidity, strength and safety
  • Protective epoxy lacquer
  • Fold the handle for easy handling, transportation and storage
  • Shock absorber base effect also helps to prevent slipping
  • Safety device anti rotation
  • Ergonomic design with aerodynamic forearm ventilation for comfort


Sizes of Crutch

Features Crutches ErgoDynamic:

Weight of crutch

  • Weight: 600 gr
  • Max. User: up to 130 Kg
  • Handle Height: between 720 and 990 mm
  • Height adjustment 12 regulations at intervals of 25 mm
  • Equipped with an integrated shock absorption (movement max. 32 mm) mechanism
  • Distance between handgrip and forearm: 245 mm ultra-soft padded handle
  • Single integrated damping system
  • The shock absorber softens every step to avoid pain in wrists, elbows and shoulders.
  • Operates quietly Minimum Operating Instructions Weight
  • Equipped with ultra-soft soft grip and forearm protection

Crutches ErgoDynamic

The crutch is a support for the human body.

Designed for the purpose of assisting the walk.

When one of the lower extremities requires additional support during displacement, commonly when man suffers from an inability to walk with any of these.

Walking with two crutches.

Generally the use of crutches is in pairs, to facilitate walking of the individual.

You have two points of support for the body.

Crutches ErgoDynamic

Additional information

Weight 2.700 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 30 cm

Black, Grey


L, M, S


1 ITEM, PAIR (2)


FDI Forearm Crutches

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