telescopic hiking stick
Telescopic Hiking Stick – Improves walking – Relieves leg joints | L69-V/N/A

✓  Telescopic Hiking Stick: Using telescopic canes as a support, climbing is less tiring.

✓  Internal shock system helps to absorb vibration, reduces up to 25% of body weight.

✓  Ergonomic handle gives you maximum grip, slip-resistant, comfortable, natural and warm.

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Carbon Fiber Walking Cane. 1 UNIT. Exclusive curved and oval carbon Fiber frame.
Carbon Fiber Walking Cane. 1 UNIT – Exclusive carbon fiber frame | Indes-003

It’s exclusive curved and oval carbon fiber frame allows optimal load transfer.

And it’s ergonomic handgrip ensures proper hand positioning avoiding wrist pain.



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Crutches ErgoDynamic – PAIR – With shock absorbing mechanism | VeM50par


🧑‍🦯 Crutches ErgoDynamic. Sold as a unit or pair.

✓ Crutches with shock absorbing mechanism.

✓ With ultra-soft padded handle.

✓ Aluminio de alta calidad para obtener la máxima resistencia.

✓ Empuñadura intercambiable antideslizante y suave para una mayor comodidad.



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soft-step cane
Soft Step Cane – Anatomical soft rubber grip | VeB80

🦯 The new “soft step” of FDI.

✓ Its ultra-soft padded handle facilitates the absorption of impact, preventing the slip of the hand.

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Umbrella Canes
Umbrella Canes 2 in 1 – For different weather conditions | L146

Umbrella Canes for those times when it rains unexpectedly.

This product is two in one. It can be used in different weather conditions.


Ayudas Movilidad García…Umbrella/Cane

“Singing in The Rain” Gene Kelly

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Children Walking Stick light cane and fun colors.
Children Walking Stick, Light and Fun Colors,Ref Ad111

Children Walking Stick light cane and fun colors.


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