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Umbrella Canes 2 in 1 – For different weather conditions | L146

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Umbrella Canes for those times when it rains unexpectedly.

This product is two in one. It can be used in different weather conditions.


Ayudas Movilidad García…Umbrella/Cane

“Singing in The Rain” Gene Kelly

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Umbrella Canes 2 in 1

Umbrella Canes: It is just that convenient piece that you’ve been looking to add to your collection.

Can be Used in Different Weather Conditions

Whether to keep the sun off you shoulders at a child’s sporting event, or to stay dry on those rainy days.

One of our supportive umbrella canes is a wonderful piece to have in any situation.

NOTE: Model BLACK Is not 2 in 1…Or it is used as a Cane or as an Umbrella 

Made of durable, sturdy materials.

You can feel confident that when you purchase a cane umbrella yours will last, season after season.

Height Adjustable

Umbrellas Canes with 2 functions in ONE (except the black coloured one) and adjustable in length.

This product is two in one.

It can be used in different weather conditions.

In case of rain can be used independently as support staff at the same time as an umbrella to cover from the rain.

This cane with umbrella can also be used over short distances, using two functions at once:

Cane and umbrellas.

A clip is pressed and the crutch or cane stick umbrellas inside the tube is removed, having on one side an adjustable cane and umbrella separately.

REFERENCIAS, Umbrella Canes:

  • L146 Model BLACK is not two in one. Cane with umbrella, adjustable height, not two in one.
  • L1461, L1462, L1463: Collection Stick Umbrellas, two in one.

The crutch is a support designed for the human body for the purpose of assisting the walk when one of the lower extremities requires additional support during displacement, commonly when man suffers from an inability to walk with any of these.

Generally the use of crutches is in pairs, to facilitate walking of the individual and have two points of support for the body.

Umbrella Canes


Singin In The Rain

Sure, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ was an upbeat musical from 1952 that captivated viewers and created one of the most iconic film sequences in history.

But it’s more than that. It’s also a history lesson about what Hollywood was like in the late 1920s when silent films were making way to “talkies.” And on a more personal level, it can serve as a tutorial on how to be a great dancer. In short: it’s many things!

Paraguas de Gene Kelly

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 75 × 15 × 15 cm

Black, Estampada 1, Estampada 3, Estampada2

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