Perforated Cerclage Pessaries Dr Arabin. To support the cervix in pregnant patients with threatening preterm labor.
Perforated Cerclage Pessaries Dr Arabin – To support the cervix in pregnant patients | DPM49ASQ/65/25/32

💗 Used to treat pregnant women with cervical incompetence.

✓  It may be indicated in pregnancies with a history of premature labour.

✓ Perforated cerclage pessary is made of flexible comfortable, tissue tolerant silicone.

⭐ VIDEO…Pessary Placement

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pelvix concept
Pelvix Concept Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Exerciser, Prevention – Post Preganancy – Incontinence – Sexualidad, Ref. DPM4540461

👩💗 Pelvix Concept Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Exerciser.logotipo FEMINTIMATE

✓ A revolutionary progressive pelvic floor exerciser designed for pelvic floor rehabilitation.

✓ System of progressive weights provides a complete strengthening solution in one single device.

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