» » » Pelvix Concept Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Exerciser, Prevention – Post Preganancy – Incontinence – Sexualidad, Ref. DPM4540461

Pelvix Concept Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Exerciser, Prevention – Post Preganancy – Incontinence – Sexualidad, Ref. DPM4540461

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Pelvix Concept

Pelvix Concept Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Exerciser, Prevention – Post Preganancy – Incontinence – Sexualidad.

  • Mothers: preparing for pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Menopause: strengthen the muscles and prevent incontinence and loss of sexual sensitivity.
  • Athletes: Sport damages this musculature, so it is necessary to strengthen it.
  • To improve sexual satisfaction.


Pelvix Concept Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Exerciser

A revolutionary progressive pelvic floor exerciser designed for pelvic floor rehabilitation.

What’s Unique About Pelvix?

This system of progressive weights provides a complete strengthening solution in one single device.

The unique Pelvix ergonomic design and ribbed surface provides for excellent fit that is well retained within the vagina.

This sets this exerciser apart from some of the other pelvic exerciser designs.


Pelvix Concept Rehabilitation

  • Pelvic floor strengthening
  • Post natal pelvic floor recovery
  • Bladder control
  • Improved sexual sensation and grip strength

Pelvix Concept Features:

Unique ergonomically shaped exerciser
Angle design for pelvic floor muscles
Ribbed medical silicone exterior allows for comfort fit
Readily retained within the vagina
Well suited to women of all ages
Easy insert and removal with retraction leash
5 progressive weight combinations in one exerciser

Pelvix Concept Contents

Pelvix Concept device
3 weighted balls
Compact storage box
Satin pouch
Instruction guide

How to Use Pelvix for Rehabilitation


  • Rinse and dry Pelvix before first use
  • Apply a small amount of water-based lubricant* to the top of the unweighted device (opposite end to the retraction leash)
  • Insert Pelvix so that the base can be felt approximately 2cm within the vagina (not as high as a tampon)
  • Exercise lying down or standing upright by lifting and squeezing your pelvic floor muscles around the device
  • Relax your pelvic floor back to resting level
  • Rest briefly before your next attempt
  • Repeat this action for up to 8-12 repetitions holding each exercise for up to 10 seconds at a time
  • Repeat this routine up to 3 times in a day
  • *Water-based lubricants are safe to use and will not erode the medical grade silicone coating unlike non water-based lubricants


How to Progress Pelvic Floor Strengthening

When you can comfortably complete your exercises with the unweighted Pelvix, simply unscrew the body of the exerciser and start to add weight incrementally as follows:


1: Without weighted ball – 17g
2: Small 15mm ball – 26.2g
3: Medium 18mm ball – 34.4g
4: Large 22mm ball – 51.5g
5: Pelvix + 15mm small + 22mm large balls – 60.7g


When you can perform the recommended number of exercises with ease using a particular weight you are ready to progress to the next weight.

Progress within your range of personal comfort to provide additional challenge with added resistance to promote pelvic floor strengthening.

Cleaning Pelvix Concept

Wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly after use
Wash your Pelvic Floor Exercisers with water, neither hot nor cold .

To clean Pelvic Floor Exercisers, use a mild soap, natural antibacterial solution or specific tissues.


Keep your Pelvic Floor Exerciser in a cool, dry place isolated from direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes .

Find contact material that is made to avoid possible allergic reactions to components or deterioration by incorrect use of lubricants creams, fluids or soaps unsuitable or incompatible with his composition.

Remember that the lubricants with bases called ” water ” are compatible with all materials.

If you will not use your Pelvic Floor Exerciser ( contact materials not rigid) for a long period of time, should save it under a thin layer of natural talc without flavorings or additives to better preserve its qualities.


Warnings: Pelvix Concept should not be used during pregnancy or menstruation. Nor if you have been diagnosed with a prolapse, or have a vaginal infection.


10 step guide to pelvic floor safe exercise

This guide has been reproduced with kind permission from Michelle Kenway, physiotherapist and author of Inside Out.

It provides 10 simple and practical tips to modify an exercise program to be pelvic floor safe.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 15 cm


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