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Waterproof Reusable Adult PANTS – Durability and unparalleled comfort | UbO-204200

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✔ Waterproof, anti-dust, breathable, fire retardant, antibacterial, anti-fungal.Waterproof Panty

✔ Features a design for maximum durability and unparalleled comfort.

✔ Incontinence adult pants are reusable and washable.


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Waterproof Reusable Adult PANTS

Waterproof Reusable Adult PANTS; incontinence support product for adults, waterproofed.

Pull-On One-piece Waterproof Cover-Up is waterproof to give you complete confidence, day or night.

Best suited for those who are more active.

Waterproof reusable adult pants withstand repeated laundering, and it’s much kinder to the environment than disposables.

Features a design for maximum durability and unparalleled comfort.

Incontinence adult pants are reusable and washable.

▷ Color:

Blue, white


S-95, M-100, L-108, XL-120, XXL-+120 special


The panties hold without pressing, avoiding possible leaks of liquid to the clothes.

It is waterproof, anti-dust, breathable, fire retardant, antibacterial, anti-fungal.


For people who suffer from incontinence.


Hand or machine wash the panty with a delicate program.


Polyurethane 50%, Polyester 50%


Washable by hand or machine.

Maximum temperature 60 ° C (white); 30 (light blue).

It can be dry cleaned.

You can iron.

Tolerates dryer.

Do not bleach.

📦 Waterproof Reusable Adult PANTS Packaged Product:

waterproof reusable adult pants


These are very comfortable products that prevent users from accessing the diaper. Therefore, not only do they offer greater cleaning, but they also make the work of caregivers easier since they do not have to constantly change the user’s clothes or bedding.

It is an essential product for people who suffer from some type of cognitive impairment, since costs are reduced (less cleaning, reduced time spent cleaning patients and facilities, etc.) and the image of users is improved by remaining more clean time.

Alzheimer´s and Dementia Care:

Many people will experience incontinence (a loss of bladder or bowel control) in the later stages of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

There are many causes, as well as ways to help manage incontinence. How you respond can help the person with dementia retain a sense of dignity.

Tips for managing incontinence:waterproof reusable adult pants

  • Watch for nonverbal cues such as tugging on clothing, restlessness, facial expressions, pacing, sudden silence or hiding behind furniture. These cues may indicate the need to use the toilet.
  • Identify when accidents occur, then plan for them. If they happen every two hours, get the person to the bathroom before that time.
  • Remind the person to use the bathroom just before his or her usual time.
  • Try setting a regular schedule for toilet use. For example, help the person to the bathroom first thing in the morning, every two hours during the day, immediately after meals and just before bedtime.
  • Choose clothing that is easy to remove and to clean.
  • Consider using incontinence products, such as waterproof mattress covers, incontinence pads on the person’s bed, padded undergarments or adult briefs.
  • Give the person plenty of time in the bathroom to empty his or her bladder and bowels.
  • Run water in the sink or give the person a drink to stimulate urination.
  • Check the toilet to see if the person has urinated and/or moved his or her bowels.

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Weight .4 kg
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Sky Blue, White


L, M, S, XL, XXL


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