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Reusable Adult PANTS Holder – SANITIZED Diaper Holder – Inhibits reproduction of bacteria | UbO-204100

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🚻 Incontinence Pants; Designed for all-day and all-night comfort.Waterproof Panty

☑️ waterproof incontinence pant is meant to be worn over any adult diaper.

☑️ Adaptable and waterproof.


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Reusable Adult PANTS Holder

Reusable Adult PANTS Holder; Fitted Reusable Adult PANTS. They hold in place the diaper.

Excelent technical aid product adaptable and waterproof. SANITIZED Ddaper holder. The SANITIZED treatment acts as an integrated deodorant.

Their design means you can have the confidence to wear them with any outfit.

SANITIZED TREATMENT. SANITIZED Diaper Panty. Great product that helps us hold the diaper better.

What is the fabric of the diaper holder made of?

Its composition is based on 50% cotton, 50% polyester.

Can it be machine washed?

Yes. You can wash it by hand or machine as you like.

It is in white and light blue. It is recommended to wash at a maximum temperature of 60ºC if it is white. And at a maximum temperature of 30ºC if it is light blue.

Characteristics of the fabric treated with the sanitized technique.

How is the sanitized panty different from other panties?

The fabric of the SANITIZED diaper holder product is treated with Sanitized technology.

What does Sanitized technology offer us?

Sanitized technology is mainly used in underwear, footwear, bedding, sportswear…

This SANITIZED treatment offers the diaper support briefs during use and even after it offers benefits.

Characteristics Reusable Adult Pants Holder:

  • offers safety and prolonged effect even after intensive use
  • inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and thus the formation of unpleasant odors
  • guarantees lasting freshness
  • extends the life of treated items
  • offers more comfort of use in activities of all kinds
  • supports our ecological conscience

Characteristics of the adult reusable pants-diaper holder when choosing:




S-95, S-up to 95cm contour.


What highlights the function of the sanitized diaper holder?

The diaper holder panties have the function of helping to better hold the diaper.

Normally although we put it perfectly well.

The diaper tends to loosen and more with the movement of the person.

With the diaper holders you will notice that the diaper is better held at all times. That is why it avoids small leaks that may occur, accompanied by bad odours.

In addition, its good support prevents clothes from getting wet or damp, such as pants, skirts… and thus preventing them from getting wet.

That is why our clothes when using the diaper holder panties will stay clean and fresh for much longer.

We will remember that the panty serves mainly to hold the diaper and prevent the person from getting wet.

Why do people like the sanitized diaper?

The main reason is that it helps us hold the diaper.

Preventing us from having those small leaks that wet our clothes creating humidity and bad odors that can cause skin problems.


For people who suffer from incontinence.


Hand wash or machine wash.


Pique: Cotton 50%, Polyester 50%.

Sanitized-Piqué (50% cotton, 50% polyester)


Washable by hand or by machine.

Maximum temperature 60ºC (white); 30ºC (light blue).

It can be washed dry.

Can be ironed.

Dryer tolerant.

Do not use bleach.


SANITIZED Diaper Panty. Acts as a built-in deodorant

They are fully machine and hand washable. With that you save against disposable options!
As the name implies, washable incontinence products can be washed and reused.

Like disposable products, they prevent moisture from coming into contact with the body, helping to minimize chafing and burning of the skin.

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