Reusable Bed Pads
Reusable Bed Pads With Wings – 5 layers – Super absorbent bed pad soakers | Ea440D/135-90

✓ 5 Layers. Line of super absorbent soakers.

✓ DRY washable pads designed to protect the mattress and prevent incontinence patients from smudging it.

✓ Reusable and washable.

✓ Anti-Mites and Anti-Bacteria.

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Bidet With Plug Portable – Useful for the intimate toiletry | Ea213

✓ Adaptable to Most Toilets

✓ The portable bidet is a technical aid product for washing the private parts.

✓ It incorporates plug, making it easy to fill and empty water.

✓ Portable

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washable incontinence pants 3
Washable Incontinence Pants POLOLO – Designed for all-day all-night comfort | UbO-204500

🧷 The best alternative to disposable adult diapers for men and women is reusable cotton cloth diapers used with plastic pants.

✓ Designed for all-day and all-night comfort.

✓ Washable by hand or machine. It can be dry cleaned.


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Waterproof Panty
Waterproof Panty – Velcro Closure – Designed all-day all-night comfort | UbO-204300

✔ Designed for all-day and all-night comfort.

✔ Subject without pressing/constricting the subject, avoiding leakage of liquid to clothing.

✔ The waterproof incontinence pant is meant to be worn over any adult diaper.


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waterproof reusable adult pants
Waterproof Reusable Adult PANTS – Durability and unparalleled comfort | UbO-204200

✔ Waterproof, anti-dust, breathable, fire retardant, antibacterial, anti-fungal.Waterproof Panty

✔ Features a design for maximum durability and unparalleled comfort.

✔ Incontinence adult pants are reusable and washable.


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Reusable Adult Pants Holder
Reusable Adult PANTS Holder – SANITIZED Diaper Holder – Inhibits reproduction of bacteria | UbO-204100

🚻 Incontinence Pants; Designed for all-day and all-night comfort.Waterproof Panty

☑️ waterproof incontinence pant is meant to be worn over any adult diaper.

☑️ Adaptable and waterproof.


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reusable menstrual pads
Reusable Menstrual Pads, Incontinence and Menstrual Pads, PACKS: of 3 or 5 Units Reusable Feminine Hygiene Product, Ref. Absor-Pañ

Composed of an outer layer of cotton plush with a nice touch. An absorbent cotton inner layer and a waterproof cotton layer.

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underwear waterproof PVC - en
Underwear Waterproof PVC – All sizes – Unisex 1 AbPR52179

✓ The interior is comfortable and soft. It can be machine washed.

✓ Plastic exterior ensures that the bed or clothes do not get wet.

✓ Unisex product of technical aids.

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Pyjama -Long in Sleeves and Legs – Zipper in the Legs – Patients with dementia | UgATV081

Pajamas especially suitable for patients with dementia.



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Pyjama Long Zippered
Pyjama – Long Sleeves and Legs Zippered – Can´t open and manipulate swabs | UgATV2081

✓ Especialmente indicado para pacientes con incontinencia o demencia.

✓ Tiene una cremallera en la espalda para facilitar su colocación y una la cremallera en la parte interior de las piernas.



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Cartucho de Recambio Contenedor SANGENIC XL
Replacement Cartridge SANGENIC EasySeal XL – Antibacterial Treatment | Ug8436001

✓ Cartridge contains scented antibacterial treatment bags.

✓ Contains approximately 75 to 100 diapers depending on size (22.5 m of film/bag)

✓  Most noteworthy; scented film drastically reduces odors.


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care garment
Care Garment from SUPRIMA; Pyjamas/Underwear UNISEX, Short Sleeve, Combines a T-Shirt and Tights in an Incontinence Product, Ref. Ad4697000

Easy access to incontinence products, which facilitates the caregiver’s work. With zipper on the legs, it facilitates changing diapers without undressing.


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washable chair pad
Washable Chair Pad 5 Layers. Size 45 x 50 cm. Very absorbent and easy to place. Ref. L3040

Seat pads are effective yet inexpensive continence aids that help to protect armchairs and other surfaces from spillages.

These seat pads are designed to prevent water damage to upholstery.

Very absorbent and easy to place.

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Washable Chair Pad
Washable Chair Pad 3 Layers Without Wings. Size: 45 × 55 cm. Ref. Ug515/Q

Soap dishwasher safe with upper 80% cotton and 20% polyester, white.

The edges strongly sewn…resistent. Size: 45 × 55 cm.

An excelent support product for incontinence.


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Female Portable Urinal
Female Portable Urinal URIFEM, You Can Use Both Sitting And Standing, Ref. AdH7251

The urinal is shaped to prevent leakages and a drip cup prevents spillages. It is designed for independent use.


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Portable Male Urinal
Portable Male Urinal URIBAG, You Can Carry it Even in Your Pocket, Ref. AdH7250

The UriBag male urinal is compact, portable and reusable. It’s ideal for men who are bed-ridden, who uses a wheelchair or who regularly travel long distances. UriBag is discreet and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.


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Male Incontinence Product
Male Incontinence Product URICLAK – Male Incontience Clamp – Prevents dripping or leaking | Vit-clak

The device will become circular allowing you urinate. It controls the flow of urine.

Intended for urinary incontinence resulting from surgery, neurogenic disorder, enlarged prostate, post prostatectomy surgery or other bladder or urinary tract conditions.



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male urinary clamp
Male Urinary Clamp DRIBBLESTOP – KIT of 2 units – Device for male urinary incontinence | MMdribble

💧 KIT comes with two complete sets of clamps and links.Envio Gratis Ortohispania

💧 Dribblestop Incontinence Clamp will control your incontinence.

💧 This device is ready for use 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.

💧 Lightweight and discreet Incontinence medical device.

💧 You will not even notice it’s there!


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standard container for diapers
Standard Container for Diapers EasySeal SANGENIC, Diapers Odor-Free, Ref. Ug85336

Standard EasySeal SANGENIC: discreet, hygienic and easy to use container, Easiseal TM is a container collection system diapers and sanitary waste.


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