» » » Standard Container for Diapers EasySeal SANGENIC, Diapers Odor-Free, Ref. Ug85336

Standard Container for Diapers EasySeal SANGENIC, Diapers Odor-Free, Ref. Ug85336

43.86  (I.V.A. / V.A.T. incl.)

Standard EasySeal SANGENIC: discreet, hygienic and easy to use container, Easiseal TM is a container collection system diapers and sanitary waste.



Standard Container for Diapers EasySeal SANGENIC

Standard Container for Diapers EasySeal SANGENIC; Discreet, hygienic and easy to use.

The containers Sangenic Easiseal  help maintain a pleasant environment free from odors in homes, hospital compounds and homes.


From the moment they enter your home, residents and their families know that they have the highest level of care and hygiene.


Standard Container for Diapers Easiseal TM is the only container collection systems diapers and sanitary waste free of odors and germs.

It eliminates odors with a simple rotational movement and sealed.

Holds approximately 10 diapers (depending on size) and is indicated for use in individual rooms or bathrooms.

Its height is 50 cm.

The most convenient way to dispose of baby wipes, nappies and incontinence products within the home.

Not just a bin.

Easiseal individually wraps and seals each pad in a fragranced, anti-bacterial film hygienically locking away germs and odour.

Proven to be 25 times more effective at odour prevention than using a plastic bag.

The pads are kept discreetly sealed away in the tub saving endless trips to the outside bin.


Key Features:


Hygienically stores up to 18 medium nappies (size 5) to save endless trips to the outside bin.

Simply empty at your convenience


Each pad is individually wrapped in a fragranced, anti-bacterial film which keeps on killing germs inside the tub.

It uses fresh film with every twist!

Complete odour protection…
The twist and seal system…

Locks away germs and odour which has been proven to be 25 times more effective at odour protection than ordinary plastic bags


The compact design fits neatly in to your home,

Easy to Use…

One twist completely seals away germs and odour.



Standard Bin– holds up to 30 light nappies or 18 medium or 10 large nappies at a time

Maxi Bin – holds up to 78 light nappies or 40 medium nappies at a time


Refill Cassettes


Standard Container Manufacturing


• The base and lid are made of impact resistant polypropylene deformations.
• shiny polished finish to minimize dust attraction and retention facilitating cleaning.
• The container and lid are made of polypropylene with properties antibacterial.


Sangenic Easyseal; diapers wrapped individually and isolates soiled diapers in a plastic multi-layer film.

With an antibacterial which controls 99% of germs and odors.


Once wrapped diaper easi-push plunger pushes into the container where the film follows germicide removing bacteria and provides long-lasting hygienic protection for the family home.

Proven protection against germs and odors.

  • Antibacterial protection: remove 99% of germs that contact.
  • Twists & Locks ™ mechanism wraps and seals germs and odors.
  • A hundred times more effective for the prevention of odors that diaper bags.
  • It uses up to 60% less plastic than the diaper bags of high quality.



Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 60 cm


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