Female Urinary Device WAYPI
Female Urinary Device WAYPI – Urinate Standing Upright | MedWAYPI

💧 Urinate standing upright

💧 Hygienic, easy and with storage box

💧 Innovative form

💧 Fits well to the body

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Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads – Model Super/Bag | iD5801960300b

▷ PROTECTION: Protects beds and keeps the skin away from moisture, reducing the risk of dermatitis and ulcerations.
▷ COMFORT: Reduces body pressure avoiding the formation of ulcers, thanks to its padding.
▷ FUNCTIONALITY: Protects the bedridden or wheelchair patient, covering any need for protection.

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Pants iD Intime
Pants iD Intime PLUS – Looks and feels like regular feminine underwear | iD5551265120-M

Extra absorbent underwear for women that provides total confidence without compromising femininity.

  • Odor control technology
  • Double anti-leak barriers
  • Absorbs at least 8 times its own weight
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Fixation Pants FIX for Incontinence
Fixation Pants FIX for Incontinence – iD Expert COMFORT SUPER – A secure and comfrotable fit | iD5410200250-03M

✓ Designed to effectively and comfortably hold our absorbents. 

✓ For women and men.

✓ These fastening trousers allow better retention of the absorbent protection.

✓ Provides more safety against slipping and offers better freedom of movement for the user.

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iD Light Compreses MINI PLUS
iD Light Compresses MINI PLUS – Maximum discretion and security | iD5171025161

💧 iD Light Mini Plus are fine compresses that help absorb small urine losses.

✓ Thanks to its anatomical and practical design, you will not even notice that you are wearing them.

✓ In addition, it calms skin irritations thanks to its main active ingredient – Chamomile.

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Incontinence Insert Pads iD Light EXTRA
Incontinence Insert Pads iD Light EXTRA – Freedom of movement and guarantee femininity | iD5171040101-03

💧 Total freedom of movement and guarantee femininity.

✓ Individually packaged compresses designed for the small losses of urine.

✓ Due to its new shape, this product range provides a maximum discretion and security thanks to its anatomical fit

✓ Designed for moderate incontinence ID Light protection extra provides full protection.

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iD Light Incontinence Insert Pads MAXI
iD Light Incontinence Insert Pads MAXI – Extremely flexible and efficient | iD5171055101-03

💧 Thanks to its anatomical shape, adhesive strip and foam elastics maximum discretion and security is acheived.

✓ Incontinence insert pads are designed to blend into your body so you can forget you are wearing them.

✓ Includes odor neutralization technology and chamomile infusion to protect skin.

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Female Absorbent Underware
Female Absorbent Underware Reusable – Incontinence ABSORBING Lingerie | L3054-S

✓ Contains thousands of super absorbent particles quickly blocked any loss of urine and menstrual.

✓ The fabric of underwear for adults manufactured fabric 50% cotton 50% polyester knitted in plain color.

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Male Reusable Underware. Absorbent for incontinence
Male Reusable Underware – Absorbent for incontinence – With the utmost discretion | L3052

✅ Protection with the utmost discretion.

✅ Protection ideal for people with urine leakage. Ideal for hospitals, geriatrics and orthopedics.

✅ Provides comfort, absorption and hygiene. .

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washable incontinence pants 3
Washable Incontinence Pants POLOLO – Designed for all-day all-night comfort | UbO-204500

🧷 The best alternative to disposable adult diapers for men and women is reusable cotton cloth diapers used with plastic pants.

✓ Designed for all-day and all-night comfort.

✓ Washable by hand or machine. It can be dry cleaned.


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Waterproof Panty
Waterproof Panty – Velcro Closure – Designed all-day all-night comfort | UbO-204300

✔ Designed for all-day and all-night comfort.

✔ Subject without pressing/constricting the subject, avoiding leakage of liquid to clothing.

✔ The waterproof incontinence pant is meant to be worn over any adult diaper.


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Plastic Pants
Plastic Pants for Urinary Incontinence CORYSAN – Adapts tAdapts to absorbent protection | Cor311004

✓ Made of absorbent incontinence diaper.

✓ Bilateral opening for easy placement in immobilized patients.

✓ Hygienic and waterproof.

📦 PACKAGE; 1 UNIT/1 Box, 3 Boxes/PACK

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underwear waterproof PVC - en
Underwear Waterproof PVC – All sizes – Unisex 1 AbPR52179

✓ The interior is comfortable and soft. It can be machine washed.

✓ Plastic exterior ensures that the bed or clothes do not get wet.

✓ Unisex product of technical aids.

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Soaker Bed Pads
Soaker Bed Pads – 5 layers with wings. 80 x 90 cm – To protect the mattress | VeAD250

✓ Soaker Bed Pads designed to protect the mattress and patient.

✓ Used with patients without mobility or with moderate or high incontinence.

✓ High absorption rate product.

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washable chair pad
Washable Chair Pad 5 Layers. Size 45 x 50 cm. Very absorbent and easy to place. Ref. L3040

Seat pads are effective yet inexpensive continence aids that help to protect armchairs and other surfaces from spillages.

These seat pads are designed to prevent water damage to upholstery.

Very absorbent and easy to place.

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standard container for diapers
Standard Container for Diapers EasySeal SANGENIC, Diapers Odor-Free, Ref. Ug85336

Standard EasySeal SANGENIC: discreet, hygienic and easy to use container, Easiseal TM is a container collection system diapers and sanitary waste.


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