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Female Urinary Device WAYPI – Urinate Standing Upright | MedWAYPI

16.85  (I.V.A. incl.)

💧 Urinate standing upright

💧 Hygienic, easy and with storage box

💧 Innovative form

💧 Fits well to the body


Female Urinary Device WAYPI

Female Urinary Device WAYPI – Urinate tanding upright. Urinating funnel on the go.

The WAYPIE enables women to urinate while standing – hygienic, simple and with a practical storage box.

Whether in nature, at festivals or at rest stops, non-existent or dirty toilets are no longer a problem with WAYPIE.

Properties Female Urinary Device:

  • extra smooth, satin surface
  • easy to clean
  • adapts well to the shape of the body
  • innovative shape prevents overflow and splashing
  • with loop for practical folding
  • with matching storage box
  • fits all bottles, hygienic, practical, easy

Application WAYPI

Take the still folded WAYPI out of the storage box, lift the loop and the WAYPI unfolds.

For use, hold the unfolded WAYPI with the loop pointing towards the body and the funnel end pointing towards the floor.

During use, make sure that the WAYPI is positioned correctly and the urethra is covered.

After use, clean the WAYPI with soap and water. Then fold and store it in the box provided.

Female Urinary Device WAYPI


You don’t need to learn anything difficult. Its use is very natural. But if you want to be prepared, try using it first at home in the shower. Find your best position.

You will see that with the second use it will be much easier.

Packaged Female Urinary Device WAYPI:

Female Urinary Device WAYPI


Ideal size and design.
Convenient “hook” for an even better grip, or for hanging.
Rounded edges for better grip.
The narrowed tube for safe evacuation of urine.
Reusable, it protects the “environment” – with proper maintenance, durability up to 15 years.
Easy to store thanks to the flexibility of the material
100% safe for health thanks to medical silicone
No allergies to latex! No BPA! No phthalates!
Easy maintenance

The Pandemic – COVID-19 – WAYPI:

Sales at product companies like WAYPIE have skyrocketed by an increase of +/- 700% since the beginning of confinement. confirmed marked increases in demand.

It’s been like a pee-to-peer revolution when I was a product design student.

Men have no problem using public toilets, but women do: having to get their asses out and touch everything, the massive tails.

Before the pandemic, it became a bestseller among lovers of outdoor activities, people with bladder problems, mobility problems who found it difficult to sit down, or those who spent time on the road.

Now, with the pandemic, we are out more than ever.

Since confinement, sales of Female Urinary Devices that help trans women and men to urinate standing up have skyrocketed

Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 7 cm

Additional Information WAYPI


Hold WAYPIE with your fingers on the front and back, place it on the body so that it fully adheres to its entire perimeter, especially on the back and side.

Don't push too hard to one side so that no leakage is created elsewhere.


Easy! Wash or rinse in water. WAYPI will not be harmed by boiling or sterilization.
Remember that urine is sterile!

Wash and allow to dry or dry manually

Put in the case, roll up and close (If you can't dry it, put it in a plastic bag)


And there is no bathroom?
Is she standing in line and can't stand it anymore?
Did you find the bathroom, which discourages you?
Do you need to urinate urgently but are you wearing a ski suit?
Do you play sports or work where you can't go to the bathroom?
Are you sailing on a boat?
Do you ride a bike?
Do you sleep in the tent?
Is she disabled?
Do you have to give a urine sample to your doctor?
Are you pregnant?
Do you attend a concert?
Is the weather bad?


I have an artificial hip, a broken leg, an amputation
I'm obese
I suffer from incontinence
I have a small urinary bladder
I suffer from reduced mobility
I'm in a wheelchair
I have to keep a coma for a long time
I'm pregnant
I have to give a urine sample to the doctor
I drive a vehicle
I'm a sports driver, a policeman, a soldier
I'm at a festival or a concert
I play golf
I ride a horse
I'm a climber
I run long distances
I'm a yacht sailor
I sleep in a tent
I'm on a tourist trip


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