telescopic hiking stick
Telescopic Hiking Stick – Improves walking – Relieves leg joints | L69-V/N/A

✓  Telescopic Hiking Stick: Using telescopic canes as a support, climbing is less tiring.

✓  Internal shock system helps to absorb vibration, reduces up to 25% of body weight.

✓  Ergonomic handle gives you maximum grip, slip-resistant, comfortable, natural and warm.

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trekking poles
Trekking Poles Carbon Fiber Telescopic – Ideal outdoor adventurers | Indestr001

✓ Whether you are climbing a mountain or rambling across the moors, the INDESmed carbon fiber hiking poles are one of the lightest poles available.

✓ Sold as single unit or as a pair shipping is gratis

✓ External fixing system (lock system).

✓ Height adjustment from 120 – 180 cm (47 to 70 inches).

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Trekking Canes
Hiking Canes in Carbon Fiber – Latest in lightweight cane technology | Indes00001

✓ Made in three sections of carbon fiber 100% 3k Twill.

✓ De semi-flexible epoxy for a proper absorption of impact during the march.

✓ Take up little space as possible when you travel.



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Carbon Fiber Walking Cane. 1 UNIT. Exclusive curved and oval carbon Fiber frame.
Carbon Fiber Walking Cane. 1 UNIT – Exclusive carbon fiber frame | Indes-003

It’s exclusive curved and oval carbon fiber frame allows optimal load transfer.

And it’s ergonomic handgrip ensures proper hand positioning avoiding wrist pain.



not rated 175.00  (I.V.A. incl.) Select options
canes for walking
Canes For Walking1 UNIT – Aerospace grade aluminum | Indes009

A modern and fashionable walking cane made of aerospace grade aluminum.

With an ergonomic handgrip and a soft silicone cover.



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colour forearm crutch
Colour Forearm Crutch of Aluminium – 1 UNIT- Does not cause tendinitis | Indes-001

✓ You will not suffer tendinitis during your recovery.

✓ And you won’t have pain in the hand as usually happens with standard crutches.

✓ Keep being the coolest guy on town! Buy INDESmed cool color crutches series!



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Crutches with shock-absorbing mechanism.

With ultra-soft padded handle.

High quality aluminum for maximum resistance.

Non-slip and soft interchangeable grip for greater comfort.

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Crutches ErgoDynamic – PAIR – With shock absorbing mechanism | VeM50par


🧑‍🦯 Crutches ErgoDynamic. Sold as a unit or pair.

✓ Crutches with shock absorbing mechanism.

✓ With ultra-soft padded handle.

✓ Aluminio de alta calidad para obtener la máxima resistencia.

✓ Empuñadura intercambiable antideslizante y suave para una mayor comodidad.



not rated 35.90  (I.V.A. incl.) Select options
carbon fibre crutches
Carbon Fibre Crutches 1 UNIT/ITEM. Ergonomic handgrip design which increases considerably the users comfort. Ref. Indes-002

NO Tendinitis guranteed

Feel light as a feather. The lightest forearm crutch in the world, 220 grams.

Carbon fiber frame, which increases considerably the specific resistance in comparison to the standard aluminum crutches.


not rated 257.68  (I.V.A. incl.) Select options
Crutch ERGOTECH. UNIT OR PAIR. An ultra-soft padded handle which can be collapsible. Ref Ve00040

Crutch ERGOTECH, PAR, An Ultra-Soft Padded Handle: Ultra-soft padded handle. Height adjustment: 14 regulations at intervals of 25 mm.



not rated 11.00 20.70  (I.V.A. incl.) Select options
Folding Crutch Adjustable Height
Folding Crutch Adjustable Height – Walk more safely and correctly | L2163

Easily transported comfortably and also discreetly in a backpack, suitcase, wardrobe, car, …

It is convenient also in public places such as bars and restaurants, where standard non-collapsible canes always end up on the ground.


not rated 19.99 45.32  (I.V.A. incl.) Read more
soft-step cane
Soft Step Cane – Anatomical soft rubber grip | VeB80

🦯 The new “soft step” of FDI.

✓ Its ultra-soft padded handle facilitates the absorption of impact, preventing the slip of the hand.

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Umbrella Canes
Umbrella Canes 2 in 1 – For different weather conditions | L146

Umbrella Canes for those times when it rains unexpectedly.

This product is two in one. It can be used in different weather conditions.


Ayudas Movilidad García…Umbrella/Cane

“Singing in The Rain” Gene Kelly

not rated 48.95  (I.V.A. incl.) Select options

Canes and Crutches

Canes, Crutches and Trekking Poles; Problems with reduced mobility are common in older people and perople with disabilities for different reasons:

  • weakness,
  • balance problems,
  • arthritis,
  • having suffered a fracture after a fall….

The cane is one of the most used technical tools to help walk.

It allows to support part of the weight of the body, which gives security.

And facilitates that the older person walks more autonomously.

Usually the use of crutches is indicated

  • after injury to a leg,
  • if a little help is needed in balance,
  • or if the person feels that one leg is weak or sore than the other.

Hiking canes or trekking poles provide great advantages in the practice of this activity help improve gait and relieve leg joints.

This sport is especially recommended for people with joint wear, especially the elderly, though anyone can benefit from its health benefits.

In Spain and at ORTOHISPANIA we represent the past, the present and the future of Canes, Crutches and Trekking Poles and  in the world market with our factory/suppliers…

Our suppliers…Garcia 1880 desde 1880 past, present and future and FDI Crutches and INDESmed, the present and future.

Take a look at these fabulous mobility products!

OUR SUPPLIERS, Canes, Crutches and Trekking Poles:

García 1880 Ayudas Movilidad

canes, crutches

Successors of Manuel García, S.L.

Is a family company created around 1880.

Under the name of its founder José Martínez Embuena.

It was born as a company dedicated to the manufacture of handles of tools to work the field and clubs for shepherds.

In addition to the cane of support for the elderly.

INDESmed, High Quality Health Productscanes, crutches, trekking poles

The lightest and most resistant orthopedic crutches.

We are a Spanish company based in Madrid.

Founded by a group of engineers with experience in the medical and aerospace sectors.

Our products are unique, we design and manufacture them.

Today INDESmed is a leader in mobility products and will soon be in other fields.

FDI France Medical

A GLOBAL DEVELOPMENTcanes, crutches, trekking poles

FDI France Medical has embarked on a vigorous and ambitious development program in the international market.

By choosing to collaborate with distributors around the world.

Specialized in the sale of walking aids.

We want to provide IED solutions to users from all walks of life.