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Reusable Menstrual Pads, Incontinence and Menstrual Pads, PACKS: of 3 or 5 Units Reusable Feminine Hygiene Product, Ref. Absor-Pañ

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Composed of an outer layer of cotton plush with a nice touch. An absorbent cotton inner layer and a waterproof cotton layer.

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Reusable Mestrual Pads. Incontinence and Menstrual Pads, PACK of 3 or 5 Units, REUSABLE TEXTILE

Reusable Menstrual Pads. Reusable Compresses, Incontinence and menstrual pads, REUSABLE TEXTILE. Female Incontinence. Customizable to Fit Your Needs

Composed of an outer layer of cotton plush with a nice touch. An absorbent cotton inner layer and a waterproof cotton layer.


Cloth menstrual and incontinence pads are cloth pads worn to absorb the menstrual flow during a woman’s period and those moments of urinary incontinence.


They are a type of reusable feminine hygiene product, and are an alternative to disposable sanitary napkins, to reusable menstrual cups, or to disposable diapers and incontinence pads and pants.

They are less expensive than disposable pads, reduce the amount of waste produced and may also have health benefits.


PACKS of  3 Units. or 5 Units, Colours Turqoise or Pink

PACK of 5 Units Assorted Patterns.

Colors Cloth Pad:


cloth pad


An Assorted Selection of material in stock


cloth pad



Comfortable, practical, economical and environmentally friendly.

They are comfortable because they adapt perfectly to the body as if they were a piece of intimate clothes.

Practical because they grasp the panties by means of buttons easy to remove and put.

Inexpensive because they can be easily cleaned at home and have a long life and.

Ecological, because at the end of this useful life can be recycled.


The female napkin consists of several layers of fabric:

Comfort CAPA: made of natural fiber fabric (cotton) to avoid irritations and allergies, since it is the part that is in contact with the skin.

Absorbent CAPA: composed of different layers depending on the use and the need for absorption required (cotton).

Waterproof and Breathable CAPA: made with a laminated fabric (cotton with PUL) that prevents the outflow of the flow towards the outside but allows the skin to perspire.

Composed of: an outer layer of soft cotton plush, absorbent cotton inner layer and a layer of waterproof cotton.

The blanket is made of cotton or waterproof polyester. The absorbent is made of cotton terry.

Adjustable thanks to the snap-on buttons.

All our products are customizable to fit your needs. Products tailored to your needs for incontinence and menstruation, little losses !. Panitos Reusable and ecological of natural fiber.

  • Adjustable thanks to the snap-on buttons.
  • Available in different sizes and colors.
  • Reusable and eco-friendly natural fiber.
  • Closing by means of push buttons.
  • Easy to clean and dry.


S: Width: 21 cm / Width of crotch: 6,5 cm
M: Width: 25 cm / Width of crotch: 7 cm
L: Width: 28 cm / Width of crotch: 7.5 cm
XL: Width: 31 cm / Width of crotch: 8 cm

cloth pad


Why use cloth Cloths?

Disposable wipes: These waste products that can not be recycled damages the environment and, even more importantly, they harm us.

The single-use panty liners are cellulose and cotton fibers that are bleached with chemicals that irritate our intimate areas and contaminate the water. These pantyhose incorporate sheets of polyethylene or polypropylene, difficult to recycle.

When you want to change the cloth pad, fold it, close it with the pressure buttons and put them in a bag. When you get home, you put them to soak.

How do they wash?

The ideal is to have a basin with cold water in the bathroom and to put in there cloth cloths that we are using. We can change the water every day.

The next step is to wash the cloths in the washing machine or by hand with hot water and neutral soap.

This can be done on the fly or wait for you to finish the rule to wash them all at once.

If you do not want to have a bowl with cloths, you can clean the cloth with cold water immediately after using it and wash it immediately with warm water and neutral soap.

Once washed, they can be dried in the air or in a dryer.


How many do I need?

It depends on the abundance of losses, their duration and how long you want to be washing the wipes.



Why use reusable textile absorbent wipes?

It does not happen every day that you can choose an alternative of better quality, more economic and respectful with the environment.

Reusable Textile Absorbents offer this possibility and are easy to use and clean.

Comfort and Health

The Reusable Textile Absorbents we offer are high quality products that offer great comfort and comfort since they adapt perfectly to the underwear and the body.

In addition, being made with natural fabrics minimizes the risk of skin irritations and wounds.

In the case of our pantys, it gains comfort (they are breathable, the fabric allows to maintain a suitable temperature and humidity) and in health (the disposable diapers bring about 27% of SAP that can provoke allergies in the skin).


Disposable toilets, whether water or not, are the main non-recyclable product of our waste. In addition, being made with plastic derivatives can take 500 years to decompose.

Loss of urine

We believe it is important to comment on this important disease, which has been increasing in recent years.


  • Soft to the touch, pleasant to put
  • Breathable, the skin can breathe and avoid creating a closed microclimate, as with disposable
  • Free of chemicals, urine does not smell bad, not like happens with disposable
  • They do not generate infections (chemicals), neither irritations, itchings, nor fungi.
  • Do not generate vaginal dryness, do not destroy your vaginal flora, nor irritate the lips of the vulva
  • They are reusable, therefore we take care of planet Earth
  • Washable by hand or in the washing machine (which does not generate extra work, as is usually thought). They can also be put in the dryer
  • The cloths and salvaslips have wings that attach to the panties by means of brooches, so they do not move.
  • Diapers work exactly the same as disposables, with velcro fasteners or snaps.
  • It saves a lot of money.

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PACK 3, PACK 5, PACK 5 Assorted Colourful Patterns


L, M, S, XL


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