Device For Male Urinary Incontinence HAREX
Device For Male Urinary Incontinence HAREX – Clamp device for male incontinence mild, moderate and severe | MMharex

Easy to use
100% plastic material
Easy cleaning
Allows the blood circulation

Defintively, the incontinece clamp HAREX is a solution that will help you improve your quality of life and restore confidence.


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Male Incontinence Product
Male Incontinence Product URICLAK – Male Incontience Clamp – Prevents dripping or leaking | Vit-clak

The device will become circular allowing you urinate. It controls the flow of urine.

Intended for urinary incontinence resulting from surgery, neurogenic disorder, enlarged prostate, post prostatectomy surgery or other bladder or urinary tract conditions.



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male urinary clamp
Male Urinary Clamp DRIBBLESTOP – KIT of 2 units – Device for male urinary incontinence | MMdribble

💧 KIT comes with two complete sets of clamps and links.Envio Gratis Ortohispania

💧 Dribblestop Incontinence Clamp will control your incontinence.

💧 This device is ready for use 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.

💧 Lightweight and discreet Incontinence medical device.

💧 You will not even notice it’s there!


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