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Handhold Bed Rail, The Universal Bed Rail, Helps Rise or Sit with More Security, Ref. L2260, VIDEO

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Handhold – bed rail, helps and user safety when you stand or sit on the bed.





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Handhold Bed Rail; The Universal Bed Rail

Handhold Bed Rail; The universal bed rail made of chromed steel. It helps you stand or sit more securely, at the same time serves railing for support.

It is height adjustable for better touch and is lined with PU.


Their placement is between the box spring and mattress. Made of chrome Steel.


In many cases, the beds become risk factors for patients who do not control their movements or children.

Railings have to install them on the beds gives us the comfort of knowing that the person does not suffer damage if accidentally may occur. Have universal rails for bed, both fixed and folding and available in various heights and lengths to fit any type of bed.

Very easy assembly. The bed rail only has to be placed at the desired position between mattress and slatted frame!

The bed rail is easy to assemble and simple to disassemble. Only four aluminium tubes have to be connected or disconnected by using the clip-spring.

  • Assembled in less than 5 min. – without any tool
  • Also suitable for beds with adjustable back rest or mattress elevator
  • Stand up safe and independent
  • Comfortable handle with cellular rubber
  • Handle adjustable in hight


Accessories that make your life easier, comfortable and safe in bed:

The folding guardrails make you sleep very quiet and safe, while those who you care leave, can assist you with ease, then, with simple movement of closure, glide smoothly over the bed.

On them you can place a protective padding that will prevent hit you while you sleep.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 90 × 50 × 50 cm

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