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Stainless Steel Grab Bar, Instalation-4 Screws, Ideal for Place in Bath, Ref. Ad506AI

67.80  (I.V.A. incl.)

Double folding stainless steel bar. It is collapsible and when out of use, is fixed upright.



Stainless Steel Grab Bar

Stainless Steel Grab Bar: Double  Casement Steel Bar. Double folding stainless steel bar. It is collapsable and when out of use, is fixed upright.


Ø 32 mm tube. Length 73 cm.

Installation plate to the wall 10 x 23 cm. (4 screws)


Description Stainless Steel Grab Bar:

Double hinged to the wall bar, stainless steel. Ideal to place in the bathroom, especially in those where there is not much space.


Doble Barra Abatible de Acero Inoxidable
Helps people handicappeds to stand or sit.


CARE AND CLEANING Stainless Steel Grab Bar:

The swing bar can be cleaned with mild detergent and water.


• These bars must be installed by an experienced professional.
• Make sure the bar is well fixed in place before loading weight on it.
• In the model height adjustable, make sure that the adjustment knob is firmly tightened.



This folding bar has a self-locking system that allows anchor bar upright once we stop using it (horizontally).

For later use, you must raise the bar a few centimeters (perpendicular down) to unlock it so we can bring it down again


Prevention of Falls in older peoples:

It was determined that the bathroom was the most dangerous room.

This is because generally tubs and showers have non-slip mats or abrasive strips or grab bars. In addition to poor lighting, toilets were generally too unstable or too low for an elderly person lift safely.

The bathroom is one room of the home where you spend a lot of time, and the same goes several times a day.

And it is in this room where the most serious accidents occur. While all members are exposed to the risk of an accident in the bathroom, children and older adults are more complex.

Accidents in the bathroom, most are of electrical origin (as the combination of water and electricity is dangerous) and also slipping or falling. These accidents can cause anything from minor injuries to irreversible consequences.

Preventing falls is key to preventing injuries caused by osteoporosis. Weak bones are slow to heal, even a minor fracture can incapacitate a person and cause complications such as pneumonia or blood clots.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 75 × 10 × 18 cm


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