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Container Prosthodontics – Conservation | L2380

3.45  (I.V.A. incl.)

✓ Container Prosthodontics  dentures with crescent shaped flexible impermeable walls, with snap-on lid.

✓ Lockable for easy handling.


Container Prosthodontics – Conservation

Container Prosthodontics, Conservation of Prosthodontics: with crescent shaped flexible impermeable walls, fitted with pressure cap attached by hinged closure easy to use.

Containment and storage with container prosthodontics of dentures, whose form adapts.

It may contain liquid for disinfection of the prosthesis but not during transport.

To avoid bumps and deformations while out of the mouth, should be retained dentures in water, which can add disinfectant tablets marketed for that need.


Cleaning and fixing dentures

The oral hygiene habits that should lead the person with removable dentures are:

Wash and massage the mucosa for the prosthesis cover twice daily, using a toothbrush with very soft bristles or velvety to massage the edentulous ridge.

The margins of the prosthesis can be easily accessible to the accumulation of oral biofilm (plaque). For this reason, require greater dedication to cleaning.

It is important to use cleaning tablets daily because the oral biofilm removed.

Confront 99.9% of bacteria and fungi of the prosthesis and dentures cleaned without damaging it. Also, remove stains from tea, coffee or snuff.

Clean the back of the tongue with a tongue cleaner.

It is advisable to remove the prosthesis at night to rest from the pressure that can cause this type of appliances.


After each meal should wash the prosthesis and mouth.


Dentures should be cleaned at least once a day, with a special denture brush (available at pharmacies) or a nail brush with nylon bristles, and some toothpaste or pasta, better, soap, to avoid scale formation and deposition of stains.

Then you rinse thoroughly with water.

It is especially important to clean metal parts, especially those that contact the teeth (or concave inner surface of the hooks).

To do this, they can be wiped with a swab soaked in alcohol, until the surface is brilliant. If matte or frosted left, is that are full of plaque, which can lead to tooth decay and wear, due to the plate produces acids.

However, if they are free of plaque, ie, bright, they produce neither one nor the other.

Should remove the prosthesis to sleep, to rest tissues daily hours of pressure they may be subjected.

To avoid bumps and deformations while out of the mouth, should be retained dentures in water, which can add disinfectant tablets marketed for that need.

Remember that it is convenient to use dental floss to clean between the teeth and mouth fluoridated mouthwashes in order to prevent tooth decay, especially between teeth, where the brush does not clean well.

It is advisable to give massages gums to improve blood flow and prevent their reabsorption as possible.

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