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Raised Toilet Seat, WC With Swing Arms, Fits Most Toilets, Ref L2275, VIDEO

84.25  (I.V.A. incl.)

Height adjustable up to 15 cm., According to user need.




Raised Toilet Seat, WC, With Swing Arms

Raised Toilet Seat,  WC with folding lifting arms.

Lift toilet with folding arms, adjustable height up to 15 cm.,

According to user need.


Weight max: 130 kg.


Easy and economical solution to solve the difficulty of the elderly or disabled when they sit or lift the toilet.

It fits most toilets simply snapping on the inside.

Some models also have a locking system using a thumbscrew pressure exerted on the inside.

The armrests are helpful to sit up or stand, also save works in the installation of bars and hand grips to the wall.

Can be folded to facilitate lateral transfer, can be used as holder.

Adapting the environment?

Technical aids adapt housing

The adaptation of housing to a dependent elderly person is a challenge.

This chapter describes the general adaptations useful for all kinds of dependence are presented.

In chapters description pathologies specific actions for each disease and / or disability will be exposed.

The toilet bowl must be high enough: between 45 and 50 centimeters.

In specialty stores elevators are designed to lift a standard toilet size to the required height.


Go to the toilet with some independence is important.

And current toilets are usually too low so many people have difficulty sitting and to join.

An elevated toilet seat placed on provides a higher and allows more privacy in this very personal activity.

Booster seats for WC are also virtually imperative to join and sit with minimal effort and security assistance.

They adapt to the toilet without the need for TOOLS and within minutes.


raised toilet seat

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 70 × 25 × 50 cm

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